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Beach Hunters

Beach Hunters

Review date: 9-Oct-2017 06:06. Beach Hunters isn't about people looking for the ideal sand and surf experience as far as the actual sand and surf is concerned. Instead, they're more interested in enjoying the view. I don't mean the blue waves meeting the horizon either. These guys spy on the babes who populate the sunny shores.

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Beach Hunters

Intro promises:
Whether scantily clad, topless or in the midst of having sex on the beach (and I'm not referring to the drink), these folks hunt it down and commit it to record in a vast collection pics and vids.

You can search for movies or pictures based on beach goers age, body type, whether it's a solo scene, boy-girl coupling or lesbian duo as well as using keywords. You can also rely on ratings from other members to help you pick your flicks. Currently, there are over 3,791 photo galleries, some of which contain high-res photos. Admittedly, some of these shots are a little blurry and could use better lighting, but, hey, that adds to the feeling of genuinely catching girls in candid acts of nudity, right? There are also over 5,875 videos. Many of the newer movies are availabe in HD AVI files and in amazing-quality Windows Media format. Again, some footage appears grainy and sometimes the camerawork is a little shaky, but that's all part of the spy game after all.

Nevertheless, there is a ton of content available and it continues to grow steadily thanks to updates occurring three times a week. This collection offers both soft and hardcore material that voyeurs are really going to appreciate.

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