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Bear Bound

Bear Bound

Review date: 2-Nov-2017 07:02. I went right for the video clips and found a series of four featuring Clint Taylor blindfolded and tied, spread eagle, to a bed clad only in a dirty jockstrap. It was almost like the men behind Bear Bound had read my mind and decided to give me this gift, adding a buzz-cut hottie named Hutch into the sequence as a beefy bonus, but the clips whiz by at such an astronomical rate that they're over almost before they've even started!

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Bear Bound

Intro promises:
This series, as with most of the video content on this site, is actually a larger sequence broken up into smaller chunks that are doled out bit by bit in QuickTime clips that clock in at less than a minute apiece. Maybe I've become too accustomed to full-length releases uploaded to the Web and then made available for download, but I really wanted to settle into longer and meatier clips. The video quality itself is also somewhat akin to security camera footage, which is fine in a way because it gives the imagery a certain illicit appeal, but the pixilation in these brief teasers can become distracting over time.

With that said, Bear Bound has done a phenomenal job of assembling some of the hottest bears from all over the world onto a single site dedicated solely to bondage (with Germany, Argentina, and Canada being heavily represented). The site is intuitively designed with a slim navigation bar across the top of a black screen with links to photo galleries, video clips, archives, incredibly hypermasculine graphic art from MancerBear (a total beefcake himself from Melbourne, Australia), erotic fiction, and even a tutorials link for those who want to learn some the rope tricks featured on Bear Bound in order to trap a hairy honey of their own (or for use on one that's already in captivity). There are hundreds of photos on Bear Bound organized as massive contact sheets on the Galleries and Archives pages. The sheer volume of bear bondage imagery in these photo sets is nearly overwhelming at first, but themes begin to emerge after intense scrutiny, like sequences of abductions, home invasions, robberies, and Master/Slave sessions. The tools of the trade during these encounters are invariably duct and electrical tapes, bandannas, ball gags, clothespins, ropes, chains, leather, and PVC. The physiological reactions of the bound bears, whether conscious and unconscious, are captured in all of their rawness and subtlety by various exceptional contributing photographers.

The flexing of muscles in a man's arms and thighs as he struggles against his restraints, the supplication, anger, and trepidation evident in his eyes as he is bound, the way his asshole twitches and his balls retract as he abdicates slivers of control and becomes more and more vulnerable are fascinating dynamics to watch unfold (almost in slow motion) over the course of these photo sets. Despite the minor technical difficulties, Bear Bound is dark and stunning with elegant rope work from men with provocative monikers like Dart, Edge, and Master Gagger. Aficionados of such specialized kink may never leave the house again.

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