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Bears Only

Bears Only

Review date: 13-Oct-2017 07:51. At Bears Only they don’t much stand on ceremony. Its long, scrolling homepage is full of hairy, beefy guys sucking dick and fucking ass, with an animation of a guy getting facefucked.

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Bears Only

Intro promises:
Once inside, you’ll find videos in much the same spirit. In one, two burly studs carry in a wooden platform so that one guy can sit on it while the other guy whips out his cock. Another video starts with even less prelude: one guy is hard and the other guy goes right down. (This is a refreshing change from the opening “scenes” of too many gay porn clips in which the models display their small, limp acting “talents” before finally showing us their good side). Almost always the cocksucking turns to buttfucking before the seed is spilled.

On one live webcam a pretty lad was prancing around on all fours and showing off the firmness of his foundation. By bear standards, the guy was kind of a twink, but he was putting on the type of webcam show that ought to set a standard. An attractive feature is a collection of dirty stories (“I was hitchhiking to San Francisco when this 15-wheeler pulled over”). No illustrations, just your own filthy imagination. It’s refreshing to see that this low-tech device - writing - still has a place amid the blaring porn world of video clips and high-resolution graphics. One feature, “chat,” proved to be on the fritz, and another non-working feature is a supposed “slideshow” version of the videos (but the videos themselves work okay). However, the still-shot galleries have a slide-show feature which can run automatically at various speeds.

Bears Only basically delivers the same kind of straightforward bearmeat throughout: a brutish band of burly bruisers getting down to bear business from the opening bell. So if you burn for big beefy bearded bouncers blowing each other, this site should fill your bill with a bang.

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