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Bella Sinatra

Bella Sinatra

Review date: 21-Mar-2012 17:33. Bella Sinatra is a Venezuela-born lady with a surprise. A shemale, if you will. She’s blonde, very attractive, and with that inimitable air of class about her. That’s right, Bella Sinatra is a sophisticated lady with a big hard cock between her smooth hips. She likes hardcore sex with guys and other shemales just as much as she likes getting dressed up in expensive lingerie and playing around in posh homes. Pretty much your next shemale crush!

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Bella Sinatra

Intro promises:
More good news for shemale porn fans! We know there are many of you out there. Looks like we’ve got a few tasteful shemale porn sites which just went live and we’d like to tell you all about them. Only a short while ago we reviewed the website of Angelina Torres, a mixture of French glamour, Spanish passion, and wild shemale sex. Now we got Bella Sinatra, and this amazing young lady can easily be your next shemale pornstar crush. If you can appreciate class, beauty, and the cream of sexual exotics, that is! Bella Sinatra was born in Venezuela but she currently resides in the States and travels all over the world. This is not surprising at all, with Bella’s beauty and total dedication to pleasing her fans in just about any way she can. The lady is a perfect combination of exotic, cute and classy. Her site’s tour has quite a bit of glamour in it, too. Check it out, soak in the atmosphere of glitz and hardcore action all combined – and make sure you see all the photo and video previews. It’s really rare that shemale porn, all-out hardcore sex and sophistication get blended in such a wonderful way. Miss Sinatra is not just glamorous, she’s also really into what she does, willing to please her fans in all sorts of ways. Well, let’s see how exactly she does it!

Apparently Bella Sinatra does have a lot to offer. For starters, she’s got an incredibly sexy body with slightly tanned skin, a pair of perfectly shaped breasts, a voluptuous ass screaming to be filled – and a juicy, tantalizing cock to crown it all. Oh, and did we mention radiant blonde hair and a lovely, cute-soaked face? This is beauty right in front of you, and when Miss Sinatra dolls herself up in some expensive-looking underwear and sexy intimate outfits and swings into hot action, it’s just breathtaking. The site offers exclusive photo and video episodes as well as scheduled live shows and some insight into what’s going on in Bella Sinatra’s life right now via her blog and Twitter. The selection of episodes is nice, especially for a new site. We’re sure Bella Sinatra will be adding more content regularly, after all, being a porn performer is something she does and really enjoys, so there will always be goodies to add. The member area looks and feels very nice, with a healthy dose of interactivity like commenting, favorites and what not. We expect Bella Sinatra to really increase her fan base once her site is launched, so you’ll most likely have a lot of like-minded fans to communicate with after you join. Bella Sinatra brings plenty of class and beauty into anything she does, from posing and playing with her meat to blowing male and shemale cocks and getting rammed up her ultra curvy Latina ass. Lady got taste!

Bella Sinatra is a rare find in the regularly expanding universe of shemale porn. Not only the lady is amazingly beautiful and willing to make her fans go wild through putting all that she’s got into her work. She’s also sophisticated and classy enough to turn your entire watching experience into a ride you will never forget. Stay updated on what’s going on in the Bella Sinatra world, watch plenty of HD videos (mobile versions included), and enjoy shemale porn of the highest grade!

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