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Beneath Her

Beneath Her

Review date: 25-Jun-2017 06:14. Have you ever thought to yourself, "I would love for a woman to use any or all of her body parts to smother me to the point of suffocation"? Well then, Beneath Her is the domineering site for you. These women smother men with their hands, legs, breasts, pussies, asses and anything they can throw on top of a mans face to make it hard for him to breathe.

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Beneath Her

Intro promises:
Whether these bitches do it alone or with a friend, they take the lead and have their way with men like you have probably never seen before. At least I didn't know this fetish even existed until coming across this site. If you are a man who enjoys letting a women take control, then you are in for a treat. There are over 66 photo galleries that contain 85 pics per set on average. The pictures show women fully-clothed, wearing underwear or completely naked humiliating and smothering men with their various naughty parts. Some of the girls never actually take their clothes off, while others get completely nude for their men.

The videos show it all. The pictures do a good job of letting you know what the women are doing, but only through the videos can you really see the affects of the smothering taking place. Some of the women even go as far as verbally assaulting the men while smothering them with their asses and/or pussies. The video quality is awesome and you will enjoy the variety of face-sitters that this site has to offer. The site updates weekly so you are guaranteed new content throughout your membership. Bonus sites galore!!! Your membership gains you access to a huge bonus area where you will find pics, movies, fetish materials and live web cams. The quality varies, but there are tons of fetish materials to sort through. You should be aware that the content does not focus solely on smothering, but rather a wide variety of fetishes from peeing to slaves. You will also gain access to 25 bonus websites including such gems as: Pantyhose Dolls, Nylon Divas, Brutal CBT, Women Who Punish, Strapon Slaves and many more.

This site may be a gateway for new fetishes for you or it could all be a familiar hideaway. Either way, there is a lot of content for you to go exploring and find out what you like and don't like. This site is definitely worth the money you'll spend on it. Go ahead, check it out. There's no shame in giving something new a try, especially when it comes with so much fresh content.

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