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BFs Pass

BFs Pass

Review date: 11-May-2014 18:48. Guys think about sex all the time, we all know that. Bfs Pass shows that not only hot guys think about hot sex all the time, they also film themselves and leave the footage in places they shouldn’t. Find out what hot boyfriends and single straight men are up to in your area and in other areas. Bfs Pass got thousands of crazy little porn films people next door make when they’re bored.

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BFs Pass

Intro promises:
Someone said it’s not actually death that kills you, but boredom. If you ask us, makes perfect sense. We hate boredom – but at the same time we like it for one thing we really want to tell you about. Take a look at Bfs Pass here. What do you see exactly? A tour of yet another boyfriend porn themed site, with previews – that’s what you would usually say. But check this out, why are all these hung, hot, handsome guys filming themselves rocking with their cocks out (and there are some lovely cock here by the way)? We think they just got bored, and when men get bored, they think about sex, and when they do, bam, there’s a boner and what you’re going to do about it. Bfs Pass is a super new site which was just released and it brings thousands of fresh, never before seen gay and straight boyfriend videos together. You may think, well, I’ve had enough of this sort of thing, how is this any different? We’ll tell you. There are some pretty damn hot dudes here, and these very dudes seem to have some pretty damn tasty-looking uncut cocks, all juicy and huge and hard for action. How’s that for a reason to have a look? After all, with all the tons of content Bfs Pass is offering for such truly ridiculous money, you’d have to be stupid not to go and see it. And you are not stupid, right?

On a more serious note, the deal here is quite good, actually. Bfs Pass may look a bit unassuming, but it does have tons of very nice stuff inside. The member area looks and feels similarly to the tour, but we’re not after fancy design here, right? After all, nothing means more real, rawer adult entertainment than a site built and maintained by real people just like you and us. They do it for fun, not for the dough, and there’s a lot of fun to be had here. Bfs Pass has pictures and videos all piled together, and going through this pile you’ll see some pretty damn hot stuff. It gets pretty random often, but this is the joy of being part of a large and growing next door boyfriend site! Bfs Pass has a definite focus on all sorts of selfies. Don’t think it’ll be some silly homos taking pictures of their new shirt using a mirror. These guys don’t hold an inch of their fuck tools back. Expect to see some pretty crazy exposure with horse-hung dudes almost destroying their tiny little cameras with their massive, thick, dripping dicks. At home, in motels, public restrooms, saunas or on beaches, these lads are all about pulling out their thing and killing time and boredom by beating it off for the camera. And you’ll be beating it off like crazy when you see all this!

Bfs Pass is tons of fun for very little money. It’s literally a matter of just a few bucks, but it’s so rewarding and so much fun you will love it. Hundreds and hundreds of pictures and videos made by real, next door men when they’re bored and horny – what’s not to love? With an accent of selfies and hundreds of handpicked guys who are hung, well, let’s say above average, Bfs Pass turns into a perfect destination for everyone who likes a real life cocks of somewhat unreal proportions. A very strong player in the gay amateur bf scene, this one, for sure!

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