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Bi 69

Bi 69

Review date: 5-Nov-2017 05:33. Bi 69 is a site featuring the female gender doing what females do best: enjoying sexual antics in a frolicking sort of way. The tour area shows there will be much more than just soft kisses and sweet pinches to the nipple inside the membership, and it's being brought to you in the form of high quality pictures and videos in MPEG and WMV format. There are bonus extras as well.

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Bi 69

Intro promises:
After first logging in, you are completely blessed with a load of content. The great thing is that it's divided into well-delineated categories; you can choose to go to the hardcore, adventures, the girls, DreamGirl search, daily blog, behind-the-scenes, bonuses and store sections. Of course, clicking on hardcore will be your best bet. The only problem you may notice with this site is that the format is a bit nuts. If you click on certain images, you'll notice that it's not the particular image you are looking for. I clicked on a photo of two girls making out while using a double-sided dildo and it opened up to them just kissing without a dildo.

Aside from that little issue, the photos are very clear and crisp. Sometimes they come across as pictures that were taken from a glamour photo studio. The biggest size pic I have seen is 400px ' 300px but with great HD quality, so don't be discouraged. A photo set you must take a look at is one dubbed 'Beach Bangers.' You will get three very young-looking girls having a fun day at the beach, which should be redubbed to 'Sandy Beavers in Fun in the Sun.'

The video speeds on the site seem to go a little faster than the average site (1500k speeds). I'm guessing it's because this site may be a little small or because they are just that good. I can't recommend just one video here because they are all fantastic; if I were a man, I am sure I would have jerked off to a few. Check out 'Odd Insertions Mason and Cage' and 'Poolside Orgy.' I am sure those three video sets will have any man running to check them out and then running to the bathroom. The ladies in those videos seem like amateurs but when the juicy stuff starts to happen they turn into hardcore pros. Besides the videos, the extras are noteworthy as well, with over five other bonus sites to choose from. The behind-the-scenes section of the site is fun too; you can see how long it takes to pose for certain spreads. It's not a site to be passed up. It's really a great deal and the girls on the site are very sexy.

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