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Bi And Large

Bi And Large

Review date: 16-Oct-2017 09:50. Sometimes sloppy seconds can be marvelous. Over at Bi And Large, it doesn’t seem to matter exactly whose mouth that cock has been in, everyone is going to enjoy getting a little taste. There’s something to be said for bi-sex, especially the male/male/female flavor of bi-sex, that’s especially appealing. The participants seem to have a refreshing laissez-faire attitude about their sex – live and let live.

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Bi And Large

Intro promises:
I haven’t had the opportunity to visit a wide variety of websites that appeal to the bisexual. Trey’s Top Tips is an amusing and well-done guidebook for men who enjoy both cock and pussy. If there are other sites out there for bisexuals, they haven’t crossed my computer screen. Unfortunately, Bi And Large is one website I won’t be returning to.

Like a bad case of crabs, I’ve been coming in contact with a type of website that just won’t go away, and like crabs, they seem to be multiplying. When you log on to Bi And Large, it’s hard to tell where their website ends and others begin. The webmasters want to offer you everything at once – a large buffet of over-salted performers, streaming video without flavor and photos that have been underneath the heat lamp too long. The bi-sex you get here is mostly MMF. The webmasters do get points for giving the viewer all types and colors of men and women. I found the quality of the photos, however, to be sadly lacking, almost the antithesis of high-resolution. Even more amusing is a new browsing tool offered to the surfer which allows you to manipulate the size and quality of the photos you are viewing. Actually using these photo manipulation tools, at least for me, did absolutely nothing to enhance what I saw on my monitor. The surfer has over 50 photo sets to choose from. The webmaster has the challenge of coming up with new and witty monikers for his essays; every play on the prefix “bi-“ has been done before. “Bi the Book” for example might put two horny library patrons in the path of their sultry librarian. The webmaster either doesn’t have a sense of humor or decided to skip the witty plays, deciding instead to use titles like “Bi Angels” and the meaningless “Bi Fun.”

And if you want to really piss me off, give me streaming video. I’m a pack rat of sorts; I like to keep things. If I’m digging deep into my pockets and shelling out $19.92, I want something to take away. I’m not one of those clever computer nerds who can capture streaming video – at least not without a tremendous amount of effort. Some of the streaming video here is pretty good but other snippets are straight out of the Boogie Nights era. I didn’t know that bisexual porn was even produced in 1971. By and large, I’d recommend that you bi-pass this website and seek greener pastures elsewhere on the web.

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