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Bi Doctors

Bi Doctors

Review date: 31-Dec-2016 09:00. At this doctor’s office they do things a little bit differently. The nurse and male doctor come into the room where their patient is waiting. They take his clothes off and begin their examination. They’re not looking for any medical problems though. They just want to devour his fat dick and fuck him hard. For fans of bisexual content this is a great resource. They combine light medical fetish with hardcore fucking for a perfect mix.

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Bi Doctors

Intro promises:
A typical scene at Bi-Doctors begins with the patient hanging out in his room. He waits until the doctor and his nurse come in. In most cases the patient receives some medical attention, often including anal probing and medical devices. Sometimes it’s as simple as a prostate exam, which is really just an excuse to finger the patient’s asshole. Once the ball starts rolling they drop the medical stuff and go straight for the hardcore action. The girl sucks dick, both guys suck dick, and then everyone gets fucked at least once.

Bi Doctors calls itself the hottest medical site in the tour and they do have some of the hottest medical sex I’ve seen. There are both picture galleries and video clips for members to enjoy, with the videos taking a clear lead in quality. The vids come in either DVD quality clips at 720x528 or dial up quality clips at 320x280. Honestly, if you’re still on dial up you shouldn’t be joining the site, because you won’t be having the experience you should. Make sure you’re only downloading the high resolution clips and you’ll have a damn good time. There are only 17 bisexual medical scenes at Bi-Doctors, which is the site’s biggest drawback. There’s simply not enough content, and they don’t update anymore either. It’s a damn shame, too, because what they’ve got is very sexy. I particularly enjoyed one scene featuring a sexy brunette nurse. She and the patient both sucked the doctor’s cock at the same time and it was magnificent. Even better was when the patient bent over and took the doc’s cock in his ass while eating out the nurse. That’s essentially what this site is all about, and they do it very well. Outside of the medical fetish scenes there are four other bisexual videos to download. Each is a hot experience featuring all kinds of ass pounding action. There are 17 picture galleries at Bi-Doctors, each of which features a bisexual fuck scene. Most are actually photo versions of the videos, so it can be fun to browse through still images of your favorite videos. Still, they’re not nearly as good as the videos and once again there aren’t enough of them.

I really wish Bi-Doctors had stepped it up in terms of producing content. It seems like they were off to a good start and then they stopped doing anything with the site. It’s been nearly a year since anything was added, so I think you can count on the current collection being all you’ll see. Unfortunately, they don’t offer bonus content either so you’ll have to live with what you get. It’s still worth it for a month’s membership though, especially since you won’t find much content like this elsewhere.

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