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Big Booty Club

Big Booty Club

Review date: 17-Jul-2017 06:51. As far as the Big Booty Club Website goes . . . read the last four words of this review. That's all you need to know. Okay, here's my honest first impression of the website: "This sucks." It really does suck, and not in the good way that we all enjoy. I could not find one (not one!) free video trailer on the Big Booty Club website. How on earth am I supposed to be persuaded to join?

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Big Booty Club

Intro promises:
Please excuse me while I shake my head for all the legitimate pornography website creators in the biz. The website was seriously created by some dude in his apartment. And the "videos" were all shot in his apartment . . . and really, how do I even know that these "videos" even exist? I haven't seen them, I haven't seen anything except a ton of teeny 1" by 1" pictures. I'm serious guys, that's all that the site has going for it. If you like small pictures of big, cellulite ass, then go for it. I'd rather not waste my time. What else can I say about the website? I really wanted to give it a good review, honestly, I did. But I would be lying to you folks if I said that the website was worth spending your hard-earned money on a membership. It's not.

Go buy yourself a beer and a membership to a better adult website instead. One thing that I think needs to get through to the creator of the bigbootyclub website is that smearing several layers of baby oil (or vegetable oil or peanut oil . . . whatever it is that he used) does not make huge, rumpled asses look better at all. It makes them look worse. Please stop. Very few of the bigbootyclub's women actually have a big ass in the sexy-big-ass way. Most of them have a big ass in the please-cover-it-up way. Apparently with the Big Booty Club membership, you get access to 12 other adult websites, and they might actually be good but I can't tell because the screenshots are about as big as a Cheez-It. The bigbootyclub also boasts one of the most expensive 2 day trial memberships known to the history of adult websites - Big Booty Club will charge you ten bucks just for a mere 48 hours of . . . well, of . . . well, we don't know because all we've seen are tiny pictures. If you join for 30 days, you only have to pay just over thirty bucks. That's not bad in the way of porn, but I'm honestly telling you to take that dollar per day and go burn it instead. You actually might be coming out better that way.

With all due respect to the Big Booty Club's creator, please don't waste your money. There are plenty of big ass fetish websites out there that actually feature women without cellulite, and they'll also offer you free trailers so you can get a sneak peek before you plunk down your credit card. Seriously, folks. Don't bother.

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