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Big Poles Tiny Holes

Big Poles Tiny Holes

Review date: 22-Oct-2017 06:28. I'm sure everyone has a reverse nickname. Like when you call a tall guy 'Shorty' or a fat guy 'Slim'. Well, my reverse nickname is Cockzilla, which coincidentally happens to be the featured site of Big Poles Tiny Holes. I guess the extra 'i' is meant to be an 'inside' joke. That was bad, I admit.

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Big Poles Tiny Holes

Intro promises:
It seems that every type of sex act imaginable has spawned into a new genre of porn. There must be a demand for it, though. Why else would you see videos of girls popping balloons or having enema accidents? What kind of man likes seeing a tiny hole being filled with an inhumanly large cock? I wasn't sure at first, but it was my charge to find out if this whole 'pleasure of pain' thing would be a turn on.

Sure enough, after a few clips, I found myself getting into the idea. It's all about contrast. Some guys like to see black skin against white skin or white cum on black skin. Maybe petite girls and bigger guys are a turn on, or older men with younger women and vice versa. Seeing a girl sucking a cock that's almost as big as her head is not something you see everyday. And to get penetrated by it is kind of hot. Even in the dumper. It's like getting a glimpse of something you know that not many people have normally seen. I have a lot of respect for the women of this site. I know they must get a lot of pleasure, but they also have to be literally stretched to their limits. If you've seen the movie Bad Santa, you know that sometimes they aren't going to shit right for a week after these men are through with them.

This site is filled with 11 picture galleries along with the Cockzilla videos. Another site offered is 'Boogie Down with John Holmes.' Yes, it's dated, but what a prolific wangsman. The highlight is definitely him fucking no less than 5 valley girls. Like, gag me with a cock. Two video sites do not make a plethora, nor a cornucopia for that matter. But, as a wiser man than myself once said, 'Come for the food and stay for the fun.' And the bonus sites offered here are more than fun. Just don't let your wife and girlfriend look over your shoulder, or they'll be gone looking for their own cockzilla.

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