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Bisexual Trainer

Bisexual Trainer

Review date: 6-Nov-2014 13:11. So you say you are straight, huh? What if a powerful sexy mistress told you to play with her rubber cock? What if it was not a rubber, but a real one, of this ripped stud who suddenly shows up? How deep into your bisexual side would you be able to go if a hot-looking, demanding mistress told you so? Bisexual Trainer is one of those next gen POV femdom sites that… Well, you will see.

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Bisexual Trainer

Intro promises:
If you are reading this, you are probably interested in this side of male and female relationships that are usually referred to as sub and dom. That’s right, femdom. It seems like this aspect is quite a thing in porn these days. There are plenty of new and really interesting sites out there that explore this, and you don’t have to be a downright kinkster living in the dungeon to be able to appreciate that. We are talking about one of our most favorite things in porn this year, first person femdom-themed erotica. Point of view? Sure. Kinda. We do write about these sites a lot. It’s just because they get launched quite often, and most, if not all of them, are pretty damn awesome. You almost get to experience the real thing. The lad is in front of you and she’s hot and she’s demanding. Oh god is she demanding. What is she demanding this time? This time, she wants you to explore your bisexual side. See that big rubber dildo? This is just the beginning. Yes, she wants you to play with it. But you also just may end up in a room with her and a ripped stud and his big, throbbing manhood. Who knows what will happen if you let yourself loose..? Well, we guess we are just about to find out. Let’s step inside and watch and admire.

Bisexual Trainer has quite a classic look and feel. A classic for this bunch, we mean. What bunch? Well, there are quite a few of these sites online right now, united in at least a couple networks. This one is known as Fem Training, and it has 9 sites in it. These sites are of course available to you with your single Bisexual Trainer membership. They seem to focus on the nastier sides of femdom, like cum eating, bisexual explorations, and more. We are not going to spoil your fun here, you’ll find out in due time. All these sites have pretty high quality standards. You get to enjoy these first person femdom videos in high definition. Of course, they offer standard as well. If you are on a slower connection or on a smaller device or something like that, you will still enjoy the Bisexual Trainer content comfortably. They seem to sometimes step away from this POV femdom concept – and it’s great. Sometimes it’s regular type videos with bisexual action in them, a powerful and sexy girl getting pleasured by two dudes who pleasure each other at the same time. It provides a nice change from this POV thing, really. All in all, Bisexual Trainer is quite a gem, you can experience female domination and bisexual training one on one, so to say – and then, you can go watch some of these all-hardcore flicks. Neat!

Bisexual Trainer is dedicated to powerful women urging you to explore your hidden bisexual side. Or is it that hidden, really? They will make you play with dicks, rubber and otherwise, and do a great many other things you will find great pleasure in. Step inside for full length high definition videos and access to a growing and pioneering network of POV femdom sites called Fem Training. So much stuff to see in there, so see it now!

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