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Bitch Stop

Bitch Stop

Review date: 9-Nov-2011 18:35. The warm season is over – well, at least in Europe it is. Which means less and less hot hitchhiker girls and traveling students are on the road. Why not relive the hot, steamy summer with Bitch Stop, a very special reality porn site full of videos made on the road where hot hitchhiker girls are picked up and tricked into having dirty sex? Check it out right now, it’s crazy!

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Bitch Stop

Intro promises:
Youth is the time to enjoy life to the full, don’t you think? When summer kicks in, more and more students and just young fellas hit the road looking for new people, adventures and experiences. Let’s savor this thing once again as long as summer is gone already. You know, there’s always some crazy stuff going on during these things! Bitch Stop is here to tell you all about it. The site focuses on reality episodes where hot European girls are picked up on the road and in a while are taken to some secret spot where they are fucked hard – and set free with cum all over their faces! Imagine yourself cruising the European countryside looking for sexy lonely girls to pick up, offer a ride to and then, well, whatever happens but let’s hope it’s super naughty. The site has a free are which looks basically like preview thumbnails and nothing else. Give it some browsing, many of these thumbnails are actually links to trailers. Oh wow! The trailer pages open up to a full story describing what happened – with loads of wit and funny comments, we should say. And of course there are sample videos which show it all from driving by a hottie to talking and then to doing her somewhere in an empty field. Thus you can also find out what kind of girls they feature. Apparently they’re young, free-spirited, and sometimes a bit on the trashy side – well, in a good way!

Bitch Stop has given us enough preview opportunities with its public zone and so now it’s time to get in and grab the actual updates the site has in full quality inside. The site’s member area is simple-looking and easy to navigate. The design here has an amateurish, gritty feel which goes very well with the mood and the spirit of the entire thing. There are tens of episodes available already and the site updates regularly with more material. Let’s hope they got enough stuff to last us through winter! The episodes run for around half an hour. Looks about right – imagine how long would it take you to drive up to a hot lost girl in the middle of nowhere, talk her into getting into your car and drive somewhere where she could pay for the ride with her juicy young body. Many of the latest episodes are in HD. Apparently the guys who do this got themselves a better camera! But anyway these stories are just too much fun to watch, with spontaneous and sometimes silly talking, shaky camera, shy and unsure girls, and unscripted sex action which really makes you feel you’re there. Bitch Stop is a great new site and your membership comes with bonus access to yet another brand new, exclusive amateur teen porn site. But you know, Bitch Stop is really cool by itself. It’s traveling, unplanned action and hot sex with strangers all the way!

Bitch Stop is a site with a cool concept and really engaging and exciting content. With latest updates coming as HD videos and honest, unscripted reality sex action in every single story, Bitch Stop is a must see. If you are into reality porn, next door type European girls always ready to do a stranger in a car, well, you quite seriously can’t miss it. The bonus site access thing is not even necessary here. Bitch Stop offers enough value with its growing selection of very special reality porn nobody else is offering these days.

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