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Bizarre Adult Club

Bizarre Adult Club

Review date: 8-Jun-2016 12:10. Bizarre Adult Club is a site devoted to punishment, spanking, bondage and humiliation. It features attractive looking submissives being dominated and abused. The content is shot exclusively for the site and targeted at those who love the BDSM world.

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Bizarre Adult Club

Intro promises:
The tour for the site is intriguing.The women are attractive and the situations depicted are extreme and erotic. We are shown images of pussy torture, hot wax, male and female dominants. Every fetish imaginable is one of the claims made. There are over 27,000 pictures and 10,000 minutes of video we are told. In addition to the content being totally exclusive to the site it is also often the result of specific requests made by members of the site. Explicit hard core bondage sites are rare on the web. The tour images would suggest that Bizarre Adult Club is one of those rare sites. I see a photo of a woman with a cock in her mouth. I can't tell for sure from the image whether she is being restrained while she is sucking the guy's dick, but it looks like she is possibly in some kind of stocks. My curiosity and penis are both aroused. I want to see what this site has to offer.

There are 30 pages of videos with 5 videos to a page. The videos are only available in wmv format. You have the option of streaming the whole video or choosing to stream one-minute segments. They seem to range in duration from 6 or 7 minutes to 30 minutes or so. There is something peculiar about the site's design that causes the page after you click on a video to become distorted, blocking out some of the video segments and making them inaccessible. I found that by backtracking the page is restored and the segment becomes accessible. This is a minor complaint, but the designers should fix it. It was initially frustrating to not be able to see parts of the movie without streaming the whole thing and I am often too impatient to do that. The site is sort of true to its word. While there is not every fetish imaginable there are many. There is lots of bondage, suspension, insertions, flogging, domination, needle play on breasts nipples and labia, other breast and pussy torture. Most of the submissives are women and the dominants are almost equally divided between men and women. I searched through the videos for one I that might be that woman in stocks I saw on the tour but don't find it. I see one video of a guy with bald head both fucking and inserting his cock in the mouth of a woman chained to a bondage horse. The chain is somewhat casually wrapped around her body and it is clear that she is not severely restrained. Vaginal insertion of dildos and other objects like dolls and bottles and cans seems to be a pretty common theme of the site. Sometimes the women are bound and suspended while this is being done. Sometimes they are solo and doing it to themselves. I also watch a couple of videos where suspended women have a butt plug put in their anuses and a dildo in their vaginas. Another frequent theme is fisting. There is video of guys fisting girls, girls fisting girls and girls fisting themselves. Clearly this site is more extreme than most of this nature and will appeal to those looking for something edgier. Like InFemDom there is an opportunity to rate each shoot and to provide comments. There are also links to the accessories used in the shoot. The content is original, the models are attractive and the updates occur regularly, four or five of them a month. There is additional bonus content available to members of the site.

Bizarre Adult Club will appeal to those who are interested in bondage, domination, submission and masochism and who are looking for material that is a little harder and extreme. The site is easy to navigate with the exception of that small problem noted above. The women are attractive and the photos and videos are good quality. Of great appeal I think is the opportunity for members to influence the direction of the site and the nature of the content. One of the aims of the site they claim is to create a kind of club. For those interested in this type of adult material this is one site they should think about trying out.

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