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Bizarre Video

Bizarre Video

Review date: 17-Apr-2016 21:29. Prefer your porn with a fetish twist? Or maybe you never tried anything non-vanilla and mainstream has already got you bored? Bizarre Video will help! It’s loaded with videos which are special, sexy, and sometimes strange. Hardcore sex action is peppered with all sorts of fetishes, from shemales to medical and beyond. Give it a try!

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Bizarre Video

Intro promises:
Mainstream hardcore porn is great, but that does not mean you will never want anything else. The world of today’s adult entertainment is pretty big, so why don’t you embrace a bit more than you used to? Or maybe you are an experienced kinkster and prefer your smut fetish-driven and yet with a great deal of hardcore action. In those cases, Bizarre Video sounds like a natural choice. Don’t be scared away by the name of the site. It’s catchy all right, but you shouldn’t think things are getting really weird and freaky here. It would be more accurate to describe Bizarre Video as a site where hardcore sex you know and love is served with very varied, but equally exciting side dishes. It could be anything from spanking and foot fetish to medical-themed sex and transsexuals. Though the material here is definitely somewhat special, it never gets too dark or weird. It’s bizarre in a good sort of way we believe you will surely find great and interesting to explore. Give it a try with the site’s glamorous free tour area which offers lots of preview material. It’s mostly pictures, but they are big, crisp, and offer a lot of coverage of the site’s very varied pervy content. The girls are glamorous, sexy and never mind a bit of crazy sexual stuff, so why don’t we get in and see what really happens to them inside Bizarre Video?

Like we said, the name of Bizarre Video should only get your blood flowing faster, not drive you away from this great site. If you are familiar with how bizarre adult entertainment can really be, Bizarre Video will seem just bizarre enough to turn you on. The site is essentially a collection of lots and lots of DVDs, both full-length and cut up into scenes. These DVDs represent the more fetish-oriented side of modern porn which however does not forget that we all like hardcore uncensored sex. The DVDs and videos featured here are split into HD, standard and retro films. Those are all DVDs still, and the difference is obviously the quality of the videos and the time of the production. Go to the HD section and you’ll get a great deal of WMV and MPEG downloads in high definition. The retro part will have you drooling over some of the biggest selection of vintage and classic adult films with a fetish twist. Leather Bound Dykes from Hell, how does that sound? Bizarre Video aims to cover a very huge niche in today’s (and yesterday’s) porn, and looks like it’s doing really well. The video totals are well over one thousand – this is for videos. There are photo galleries as well, but their amount is somewhat lower. The site is a solid product with a DVD store and a model catalog built into it.

Bizarre Video is just bizarre enough for a big porn fan crowd. The site offers downloadable DVDs and shorter films of niche porn. It’s hardcore sex plus something mostly – pissing, leather, bondage, medical action, and the like. It’s a great choice if you want to try something spicier than usual and yet you don’t want to go really deep into the dark perversion-powered dungeons. Bizarre Videos does offer a lot of downloadable video content and the retro section is a definite advantage as well.

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