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Black is Better

Black is Better

Review date: 22-Dec-2016 19:16. Hot white porn babes, big black dicks, well-produced interracial erotica. This is Black is Better, definitely one of the classiest new sites of this year. Check out the sleek tour, the supremely beautiful and very steamy content, and you’ll see what we mean. Let’s have a closer look at this brand new goodie and find out what’s really going on behind this very sleek-looking free tour.

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Black is Better

Intro promises:
You know what we hate about interracial porn? We hate when bitches are skanky. Somehow it’s not uncommon for the girls in all these videos to be dirty – and we don’t mean in a really good way. Skanky and trashy, not really our cup of tea. Not all the time, anyway. In order to really enjoy decent black on white action, we want the ladies to be classy, sexy-looking, and completely crazy for black beef at the same time. Looks like we found a site just like that. It’s called Black is Better, and it went live only recently. Not only it has a cool-sounding name, it’s also pretty well-made. The tour looks modern and neat – even though we did not find a free video trailer to watch. Guess these preview screencaps will have to do. However, they do look real nice. They look kinda fancy, with what seems to be Instagram-style filters applied to the images. What about these hot ass porn babes, too? Young, classy, sexy, they seem to be naturally obsessed with black cock – and they’re getting plenty of that. The tour area lets you have a look at preview episode screencaps and check out a bit of the model catalog. Once again, we wish there was a video trailer, but anyway this is what we are here for, telling you what browsing the member area of Black is Better actually feels like so that you don’t have to guess.

Black is Better is pretty awesome, we’ll tell you that right away. Not only the site offers plenty of good old black on white fucking done modern style. Also, and we really liked that part, its episodes are actually stories. They’re more than just a big black dude and a horny white girl put in the same room together. There are plots and characters there, no Hollywood style stuff of course, but solid stories for an adult site. These really help you enjoy the sex more. Also, and especially for an interracial porn site, the sex here at Black is Better is quite full of emotion. It’s not mechanistic boning you see in so many places these days. You can see the people are actually into it. It’s not always sensual and slow as there is in fact an element of rough play here. But whatever happens, you feel there’s at least some chemistry between the guy and the girl. Black is Better offers downloadable and streamable HD videos bundled together with high quality images. The great quality of the content really lets you enjoy every last bit of these quite amazing scenes. Did we tell you the girls are as young, pretty and curvy as you want them to be? That’s right, the black boys want those butts and jugs to be big, and the girl want these cocks to be big as well. It’s a win win situation for everybody – yourself included. Black is Better is a solid site that pretty much shows all other interracial porn sites how it’s actually done.

Get inside Black is Better right now for your load of high grade interracial porn. These fuck flicks have stories, chemistry, and some of the hottest young porn girls in interracial erotica right now. Oh, they also have freakishly big black dicks very often! Check this place out for unlimited HD downloads, a nice set of features, regular updates, and plenty of other goodies. See Black is Better now!

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