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Black Patrol

Black Patrol

Review date: 21-Feb-2017 18:48. It’s literally insane what is going on with the police these days. Check out Black Patrol for super hot, super crazy footage of white female police squads using black suspects for, well, all kinds of nasty sex. These bitches are tough, but they are not after justice, they are after these thick black schlongs. They want them in their meat pockets so bad!

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Black Patrol

Intro promises:
A lot of things are pretty insane in the world right now. Some of them are pretty sad. Luckily, some are pretty sexy. How do you feel about sites that are a twist on something social, like a big deal in society? Some may not like them, some may say they’re cool, but one thing is for sure. These things are what keeps modern porn interesting. Got no idea what the hell we are talking about right now? Take a look at Black Patrol. This fun, intense new site called Black Patrol has quite a concept. Turns out there’s this police squad that’s only white women, we guess, somebody you would refer to as MILF. Not super young, we’re trying to say. So this police squad, a while female police squad, they cruise around town, and somehow black suspects end up fucking them. Not that they want to. The women urge them to. You know, with the power of the law, so to speak. Quite an interesting dynamics, don’t you think? Apparently there’s some serious thirst for thick black dick in the police ranks. Check out the video previews in the free area, they are pretty crazy. Well, a lot of things are pretty crazy when it comes to Black Patrol! You’d be surprised to find out how real this whole thing feels. But for that, you will need to get an account and log in.

And we totally think you should. Because how else you would show them that you support original porn that is not only hot in terms of action, but awesome in terms of creative effort? This shit at Black Patrol is cray yo. You will love how detailed and real it all feels. Shit, it’s like an episode of a reality show about crime, a documentary even. It’s a pretty regular-looking squad, just a bunch of women doing their important work. They go around town, and then things go boom. They chase a suspect or break into a place or do some other super real cop shit. Intense, forceful, with power, uniforms, flashlights and such. The suspect is in the police vehicle. Time to take him to the station. Or is it? Maybe it’s time to put him against the car and start sucking on his big black cock? Or maybe it’s time for a police woman to force the face of the black guy into her cop friend’s pussy or ass? Yes, this is the kind of stuff Black Patrol will show you. We told you it’s a special place. Crime-ridden streets, lights of a police car, breaking, entering, subduing a suspect, handcuffs, bullet proof vests, it's all here. Also, here is the exploitation of the black male population by this power and black cock crazed sluts! You get to watch and download everything in HD no matter what your device is. Black Patrol is very well put together.

Give Black Patrol a try. It’s pretty awesome! It’s mostly threesomes with two white female cops and a black guy. How about that for a synopsis? Black Patrol is a special place that blends reality, interracial, threesomes, MILFs, cops, and tons of other things. Get inside for a real HD treat, stream and download the site’s killer content, and enjoy this cutting edge, if not slightly controversial hardcore erotica!

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