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Blow Queen

Blow Queen

Review date: 21-Oct-2017 05:53. ou’ve seen them on every newsstand: Sex magazines with headlines such as “Gum Guzzling Slut Gulps Down Hot Loads!” If you’re attracted to such a come-on (or should we say cum-on), Blow Queen might be the portal to your sticky, creamy dreams.

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Blow Queen

Intro promises:
This site offers dozens of photo galleries and many video clip sites (this site claims more than a million photos and more than 70,000 clips), all offered via links to other sites such as Cumshotrevue, Tempted, and so on. There are a lot of familiar faces here - Devon, Syndee Steele, Briana Banks, and Amber Michaels are offered in magazine-type pictorials, all heavy on slurpy and wet oral action.

Whether this is to your liking might depend on how you like your porn presented. There doesn’t appear to be a lot of original content, and some of the photo galleries offer single pics of blow jobs and female cocksuckers. Many times, there’s no beginning, middle, or even an ending, and that means no cum shot. At least two of the sets offered are the type you may have seen before in newsstand magazines. The videos clips are plentiful (and full of non-stop sucking action), but the randomness of it all might be a bit off-putting. A lack of new, fresh talent also is a detriment; particularly for those looking for younger or more innocent models. However, there are many performances to recommend here, particularly in the photo sets. Devon’s lengthy boy-girl pictorial isn’t all cocksucking, but she’s never looked more beautiful or more wanton as she coaxes a hot load out of a beefy stud. Newcomer Brittaney Star is an enthusiastic and young oral expert, who lifts her mouth from a throbbing member to moan in orgasmic bliss in some of the most erotic moments on this site. And Szilvia is a drop-dead gorgeous brunette who ingests a huge load of cum in a pictorial that will make the hair on your arms rise, among other things. There’s a shopping portal for videos, links to live chat with the usual assortment of porn-type models, and lots of links to the X-rated sort attractions. To BlowQueen,com’s credit, the links entitled “Cum Suckers,” “Cum Queens,” “Cum Guzzlers” and the like are filled with exactly that - enthusiastic, willing women who seem to be take pride and enjoyment in their mastery of the oral arts.

There’s nothing new or innovative to this site, but any member of Blow Queen could literally spend weeks poring over photos and clips of blowjob after blowjob. The site delivers what it promises, and if raw sucking action is your cup of cum, drink hearty.

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