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Blue Pill Men

Blue Pill Men

Review date: 15-Jul-2016 21:44. If you are into the whole old men, really young girls thing, then Blue Pill Men is a site you are simply not allowed to miss. The site is a classy affair all around, offering a great concept, terrific quality videos, and lots of naughty fun all combined. A group of geezers gather together to pop some boner pills and to make porn. Fucking young bimbos, of course. It’s a real must see.

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Blue Pill Men

Intro promises:
Who said you can’t be a porn stud if you are over 80? Frankie here is 85, or so he says at least. He is actually a porn stud. He and his buddies, of about the same age, of course, are making their first steps in porn production. Do they have what it takes? Well, you decide. First and foremost, they have boner pills. Yes, this is where the blue pill part of the site’s name comes from. When you have that, the rest is just technicalities. The boner thing and the ability to get it up is a constant joke area and it actually makes the site even more fun. Blue Pill Men is actually quite fun, it’s a site with an edge and it’s full of jokes. Just have a look at the free tour area and you will see that yourself. Not just that, it’s also a very high quality affair. How do Frankie and his friends are so good at making porn? They are using really good equipment, and we guess the girls they find on Craigslist and elsewhere do not get fucked by them for free either. The geezers probably had to tap into their retirement funds in a big way. Well, anyway, Blue Pill Men is a site with really well-filmed, edgy hardcore porn about really old men and really young sluts. The free tour part has everything you need to see before you get inside. And you totally should, by the way.

Damn these videos are good. Blue Pill Men may not offer hundreds and hundreds of videos like them more generic sites out there. It’s more of a boutique, specialty affair. After all, have you been listening? It’s Frankie and his old ass buddies making porn for the first time in their lives! And it seems to be working out great for them. Imagine your classic young porn sluts, big tits, pretty faces, naughty tats and such, paired together with men using mobility aids. Literally. There’s so much fun for you to have here. Like we said, it’s the little details, the jokes, the feeling of everything being natural and honest. They ask the girls what the oldest men they had sex with were. She goes like, thirty one? Frankie, let us remind you, is over 80. So this is completely crazy. There’s a touch of reality porn here, they do pick some of the girls in various locations. As long as the geezers pop the blue pill, they’re good to go. Blue Pill Men offers high definition movies that come with batches of really great-looking photos, as well as with stories that are totally fun and entertaining to read before you start watching. This is well-made American porn at its finest, with girls of various ethnicities, cool locations, and that crazy attitude we all know and love. We want Blue Pill Men to get bigger, just like the peckers of these old ass fucks get after the blue pill!

Blue Pill Men is one hell of a site. With a cool concept and killer content to match, it’s a great find for anyone into the whole old and young thing. Watch all manner of young hot babes hook up with old men who have just popped the blue pill. Frankie and his almost-dead friends are having so much fun it’s hard to believe. See Blue Pill Men now!

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