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Bobs TGirls

Bobs TGirls

Review date: 27-Jun-2016 20:03. When it comes to a subtle matter, and hot tranny girls are surely a subtle matter, it takes an insider to do a good job of revealing all the sexy secrets and dirty mysteries. When you want all the beauty and lust and desires of hot, horny t-girls from around the globe revealed, you turn to Bob. His site has been around since 1999, and in this business, it means a lot.

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Bobs TGirls

Intro promises:
One has to understand the niche to make good, let alone great, niche porn. This statement, however much like a truism it may sound, is often not exactly the case with modern adult entertainment sites. Hot, rare, sex-crazed tgirls, shemales and trannies are a rare and a very special breed. You gotta understand them and really appreciate them to be able to deliver erotic content which would satisfy a true hardcore aficionado. Well, we have to say here, Bob is among the people who define the entire niche here. Having been dealing with all these dirty dickgirls and sexy shemales for years, he is the guy behind Bob’s Tgirls. The site is among the niche pioneers, staying afloat since 1999. During this long time, the site has accumulated a very enticing selection of XXX tgirl material. The free tour will tell you most, if not all, about it. Outlining the features and advantages of the site, the free zone gives you a glimpse of the model catalog, a video trailer, and a generous load of picture samples. Apparently, the site specializes in tgirls of any origin, and in addition to tranny-man and tranny-tranny sex, it features a bit of fetish, like unusual toys, peeing, lingerie, and a bunch of other naughty things. But what makes Bob’s Tgirls really special is this personal approach of a gourmet. Bob selects fresh models regularly and if he likes them, you will like them too.

When we are talking about a site which has been around for such a long time, we expect a bit of content to be there already, right? Well, here you don’t have to doubt about that. Bob’s Tgirls has a whopping 425+ scenes. For the past few years, you could watch the HD version of every added flick, and a mobile friendly one as well. This is the video part, and the picture section rocks your world with 2,000+ photo galleries. Those are literally loaded with high resolution, custom made photography. The thing here is that picture galleries mostly feature tgirls alone doing some sort of a naughty thing, like stripping, toying their wet horny tgirl pussies, or even peeing. At the same time the movies are the place where the more crowded action goes on. Men, other tgirls, it does not really matter as long as everybody blows his or her load, including you, right? The search engine of the site, loaded with features, is a definite highlight. It allows you to find trannies of every ethnicity, doing every sort of a dirty thing. Bob’s bio is available, along with a message board for member communication and a vide on demand section where you can pick what you really like and watch it forever. The site grows literally on a daily basis. This Bob must be knee deep in tgirl candy!

In the world of tgirls, things can barely get any better. Bob really rocks the tranny niche and sets new standards for it with his multi-ethnicity, high-definition, feature-packed site. There are tons of stuff to see, and all of it is with a personal touch of a sincere tgirl fan. In no way anything is generic or filler. This is tranny porn through the eye of a tranny worshipper, and you will feel it right away. If tgirls are your thing, no matter what kind of them, Asian, South American, Caucasian, give this place a try, it’s worth it. In today’s porn, there should be more people like Bob.

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