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Bombay Bang

Bombay Bang

Review date: 28-Oct-2017 09:51. You would never think of the humble, polite and shy Indian woman as the main attraction in a hardcore porn scene. Being that this is my second Indian-focused site review, it seems apparent that these exotic and sensual ladies have obtained a following in the online adult-entertainment community.

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Bombay Bang

Intro promises:
It is possible that Bombay Bang could be that slowly rolling snowball'gathering momentum as it heads towards heralding the coming of a newly dominating force in sex-site genres. With video segments can that can be considered lengthy compared to the slim pickings of other sites, fans of Indian women should enjoy the work of these unnamed (except for Kara) Hindu actresses as they enthusiastically suck and blow their way through each scene with more gusto than curry-induced indigestion. 'Bitches of Bombay,' 'Snake Charmer 1-2-3-4,' 'Kara's Bombay Gangbang,' 'Calcutta Cuties 1-2-3,' and 'New Delhi Nymphos 1-2-3-4,' show that these stereotypically subdued and subservient women, have just as much raw sexuality ready to be furiously unleashed, as the horniest women of any other nationality the world over.

Eager to strip out of their traditionally colorful garb, and even willing to smear the dots that adorn their foreheads, most of these tigresses are able to satisfy men of assorted races without the benefit of the eight arms of Shiva, in wild, sweaty, make-sure-all-hands-are-on-deck gangbang/group-sex action, before graciously allowing multiple heaping spoonfuls of man-yogurt to decorate their faces and dark-nippled breasts. Others practice the sensual art of the double-ended dong on a pillow-filled bed in a hot example of exotic girl/girl exploits. And several solo belly-dancing beauties slowly remove their saris and shawls to allow easy access for dildo stimulation, before performing traditional oral ceremonies on recipients appearing as if they're under an ancient spell comparable to some form of a religiously enlightening experience. All of the videos are separated into short clips that stream in Windows Media Player with good picture quality and sound. Several hundred screen-cap photos are available underneath the clips, but most of these unfortunately suffer from blurriness and poor-focusing.

Each of the women here maintains that distinctly Indian look, so fans of the sexually adventurous Hindu honey should enjoy the overall quality of the content, but might be left feeling a little disappointed with the amount of it. Your membership fee does attempt to make it up to you with full-access to over 40 bonus 'niche' sites: 'Wild Midge Orgies,' 'Skilful Hands,' 'Jerk it Baby,' 'Moms on Camera,' "Ream and Scream," and many more wacky, unique and slightly bizarre presentations that you might find to be curiously interesting. Who knows? Your new favorite genre might just be a simple click and typing-in-of-your-username-and-password away from your other new favorite genre of sex-crazed Indian chicks.

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