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Boobs Donna

Boobs Donna

Review date: 19-Jun-2017 05:59. Welcome back everyone! This time we’ll talk about yet another busty beauty - her name is Donna and she’s a 22 year old amateur from Poland with a set of shocking natural 40DDD boobs. As she claims she loves the outdoors, flirting and she’s always wanted to be a model. The first thing I noticed about this busty babe is how big her boobs truly are! Man it’s almost impossible to have this size racks!

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Boobs Donna

Intro promises:
I’m really glad that someone suggested her to make an own website – it surely is a lot of fun for everyone. Boobs Donna has loads of pictures and videos of Donna playing with her boobs, using sex toys, and you can even find some stuff with her sucking cock. I hope that after you read my review you will enjoy browsing this site as much as I enjoyed reviewing it! This 40DDD Polish babe is a real horny cutie with a tremendous set of racks so let’s not waste any more time and venture into the land of bouncy boobies! There isn't much happening on the main page of the members' area other than a small banner with a site’s name, links to site’s sections, a brief paragraph about Donna herself and a nice set of thumbs presenting latest updates. To my surprise, the design of this site leaves a lot to wish for which comparing it to the looks of Donna herself is a shame… a real shame!

The number of episodes here is pretty decent with 27 videos to be had, and 38 sets of pictures. Each of the episodes has a date stamp so we can see that the site has been last updated on 02 August 2006 – it’s a nice thing that they’re trying to regularly update their content! There are between 20 and 200 pictures per each set, and you can only download them one by one which is a big inconvenience. Judging by the thumbnails, I can say that these are very professional shots and with some personal touch which appeals to me very much. Most of the 1024x680 photos are rather softcore, with Donna masturbating but sometimes you will find her suck cock or even get fucked! There are 27 video clips featuring Donna, and they are very nice and professionally taken videos shots in stereotypical outdoor and indoor sceneries. Boobs Donna does not give you a choice of video formats with only .avi files, which you can download and watch at 1100kbps with a 640x480 resolution. Sadly, this has an impact on quality which is rather amateur but still crisp and clear. Updates on Boobs Donna tend to be regular, and with any luck as the site will grow, we'll see more new sets added regularly so we know when to come back for more! One last downfall of this site is that there is no bonus content at all not mentioning even a diary or any other way of trying to personalize this site… and once more a big shame!

This 22 year old amateur from Poland with a set of shocking natural 40DDD boobs is something I could die for! This naughty and busty Polish babe playing with her boobs, using sex toys, and even sucking some cock sometime is what you will find best about this site. Various sets of pics and videos of Donna will make you want to come here more often! I have one last request for Donna - I beg you, change that design!

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