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Booty Talk

Booty Talk

Review date: 17-Jul-2017 06:37. Booty Talk has some sweet, fine young black babes on it's site, but if you're not planning on becoming a member right away, don't expect to be convinced to spend forty bucks a month by the time you're done wading through their teaser pages. Skip this one unless you're really into the black ladies - 'cause there's plenty of those.

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Booty Talk

Intro promises:
My first impression of the website was that the site is actually fairly difficult to navigate through. The intro pages are splashed with a very obviously airbrushed collage of gorgeous women in every shade of chocolate that you can imagine, but I found it kind of hard (no pun intended) to actually get to the real juicy stuff on Booty Talk. After clicking a couple of Booty Talk's "Show Me More Booty" links, however, I found my way through to the entire two non-member pages that really only had pictures of a few women on it. Don't get me wrong, these babes are smokin' hot black beauties, but I really didn't get any action out of them. Booty Talk disappointed me again with several links to what I thought were free videos, but that actually took me to the membership application form. Booty Talk actually has only one viewable free video trailer.

The free video trailer did download pretty quickly, but it was absolutely pointless. After several seconds of black screen, I was shown about a full minute of nothing but people walking down the street, driving, etc. I had no idea what was going on, and I thought I was supposed to be watching hot black asses being pounded, but I wasn't. Finally the ladies appeared, but each clip of the sex scenes were about two seconds long. I barely had a chance to figure out what was going on before bootytalk switched to another clip. At this point, I was fairly frustrated, because the girls are really hot - but bootytalk has barely given me a glimpse! Then the trailer switched to using special effects, which did absolutely nothing but muddy the already difficult to distinguish clips. After viewing free trailer, I was nothing but confused and frustrated. I've got to emphasize, however, how absolutely stunning and sexy the ladies are. From what I could tell, almost all of them are getting screwed with nearly eight inch platform stilettos (the clear kind that strippers wear - HOT!) and some of them can really take big black cock being stuffed just about anywhere - one gal took two in her mouth at once!

The sites saving grace is that there aren't really any ugly girls on this site just doing it for the money - The site has seemingly hired only black babes that truly enjoy screwing in front of a camera. There is only one type of membership option (another disappointment) but if you're willing to spend the forty bucks a month, you might actually get a good taste of some sexy, tight black asses being slapped and jiggled. But there's not much in the way of the non-member pages, so if you don't have forty bucks in your checking account, I'd skip bootytalk completely.

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