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Booya Thong

Booya Thong

Review date: 21-Aug-2017 05:51. When I first read the title of this site, I thought somebody's spelling was out to lunch, but after backing up my story from several sources, it would seem that Booya Thong has more to do with the kinds of wild sounds YOU may make as you check out the babes in the galleries!

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Booya Thong

Intro promises:
I was saying "Hooyah" within moments of exploring what Booya Thong has to offer. This is one of those sites where words like sweet, innocent, tasty, tempting, and young ALL APPLY! Very simply, this site features a top heavy stack of beautiful BUSTY young women in thongs tempting and teasing the audience (YOU!). I was a bit skeptical at first - after all, it seems as though most ambitious girls swinging into the adult entertainment scene these days, seem to shoot over to hardcore (where tha big bucks are), but, I'm delighted to report that there are PLENTY of lovely young ladies who are happiest when they do a softer sweeter (definitely SEXIER) show!

The prerequisites for making this marvelous roster of models are: youth, beauty, charm, and NATURAL BIG BREASTS. Have I covered any or all of your favorite topics? If any or all of the aforementioned traits tickle you in the right places, be prepared to be tickled at Booya Thong. By raising the (model selection) bar to large natural breasts, your viewing experience in the members' area is large indeed. These chicks are all natural and, from the way in which they pose and strut their sexy stuff, I have little doubt that they can get anything they want from any guy who happens to look their way. Of course, in the members' area, you will be hopeless at the mercy of their sensual undulations and erotic gyrations. For young cuties, these girls have learned to move their bodies in ways which makes the vocabulary of hula dancers seem like baby talk! Gents who have been starved for tasteful soft adult entertainment will LOVE this site. If you pass on Booya Thong, you might be stuck in the desert for a long while before finding another oasis like this. The models here are nothing like "pornstars" who kick into "work mode" with the flick of a switch. These girls don't flick anything on or off (well, except most of their clothes). They are "ON" 100% of the time. And pairing up their natural big mounds with a thong panty theme adds another 10 degrees of sizzle to the shows. These girls are modest, but not too shy to show how snugly their thong straps hug up the crack of their sweet bottoms. Each girl has her own way of "saying hi" and you'll be all smiles as she does.

As I share my final thoughts about this site, know that I will be contacting the makers to tell them that their nuts for pricing the membership at only $19.95 for 30 days. Booya Thong is a first class sexy site which deserves the financial rewards (along with the kudos) of other top shelf sites today. So get in there as quick as you can and when I hear you go "Hooyah!" I'll know you made it inside ok!

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