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Bottom Bang

Bottom Bang

Review date: 25-Feb-2017 05:27. Believe it or not, some women cringe at the sight of a huge cock, thinking that their snatch won't be able to handle the length and/or girth. Some have had even said no to a meaty eight! This is hard to accept watching the kind of porn that I do, but it's true; these skittish women would rather a pencil dick scuttling-about in their vag than a well-shafted schlong. I guess there's no accounting for taste.

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Bottom Bang

Intro promises:
The babes of Bottom Bang, on the other hand, DO NOT have this problem; in fact, they insist on steely sausages for all their holes—their assholes especially! Without exception, these accommodating backdoor beauties defy scale and logic, sinking stick twice their size. Now I have to warn you, after watching this footage, it will become impossible for you to empathize with size-frightened females. Hey, if the petite Bettys of this site can handle a rabid foot in the rear, no lady should scoff at half of that in the poon. But I digress. The action of Bottom Bang is unapologetic hardcore anal at its very best. We have 3some fare garnished with a side of lesbian; we have messy facials boarding on the bukkake badlands; we have deep throated blowjobs which would be considered attempted murder in a court of law; and, of course, we have to-the-hilt buggery.

Currently there are 350 picture galleries and the same number of videos to choose from. The films average between 40-45 minutes in length and can be streamed or downloaded in a variety of formats (High MPEG, WMV Low, Medium, High, and Super HD) And the picture quality is simply amazing. 'High Definition' is a term thrown around a lot these days, so I'm glad to report that this site has the real deal. Even their WMV high is spectacular; it is, by far, more impressive than the so called 'HD' content I've seen in other networks. In addition, members get access to the following ass sites: Bubble Butt Tryouts, Solo Butts, Tug and Suck, Foxy Black Butts, Sexy POV, Butt Fetish, White Curvy Asses, and Boobs and Bottoms. We also get access to a slew of well developed feeds and 3rd party sites like Boobs Galore, Her First Lesbian Experience, and Her First Anal XXX. When you add this all up, the Jerked Network boasts 38 sites in its collection. That's a lot of porn for $24.95 a month.

The HD files are huge, there's no denying it. Luckily, the streaming function works wonderfully, so as you wait for your HD files to download, you'll have something to enjoy in the meanwhile. This is high-gloss pornstar anal swag, top shelf, the best of the best. If this is your niche of choice, be prepared to be impressed.

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