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Box Truck Sex

Box Truck Sex

Review date: 27-Nov-2016 05:40. So you think you’ve seen it all, huh. Nothing is exciting in porn anymore. Well, have a look at Box Truck Sex. This crazy European site will make porn exciting for you again. The premise is really crazy. There’s this box that is transparent on the inside but you can’t look into it from the outside. It’s parked in the city and girls get fucked in it!

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Box Truck Sex

Intro promises:
What, you’ve seen too much porn it does not seem that entertaining anymore? Feels like you’ve seen everything there is to see? We know the sentiment. We have been following the porn scene for a while, as you can imagine. It does get less exciting with time. But once in a while there's a site that makes us go wow and everything is back to fresh again. It’s rare, but it happens. It definitely happened with Box Truck Sex right here. Check out the premise. It’s Europe. We are pretty sure it’s Europe. Hungary? Could be. So these guys have this truck type of thing with a glass box in the back. It’s not just any glass box. It’s a tricky one. When you’re inside, you can see everything that’s outside. But from the outside, it’s a dark box. You cannot see shit inside it. Or maybe you can a little bit? This is a fun thing to find out. Wanna know why? Because the idea of Box Truck Sex is that they take girls literally off the street and take them inside the box. There, with some chatting and some cash, they make the girls strip and pose and play with themselves. You know where this is going. Yes, they end up getting plowed hard. The fun element is, you can see everything outside. People walking by. Cars. Shops. Families. Is this cool and crazy or what?

Oh man. This is even better than we thought it is. Box Truck Sex is not some half-assed porn startup that threw together like 5 videos and calls itself a full-featured adult site now. No sir. These guys have been going strong since their recent launch. They got dozens of episodes now and dozens of different girls. The cool part of all that? The videos last for like an hour. You could literally make yourself cum like 3-4 times within a single video. Wanna know why? At Box Truck Sex, it’s all new and different and unusual. Even if we assume the girls are not literally from next door and are porn performers at least to some extent… They are turned on so much by this novelty element of seeing people around. It’s like fucking in public — except you are literally fucking in public and it’s 100% safe. They are clearly turned on in a massive way immediately. You can tell by the way they respond and by the way they beg for that beef injection pretty soon. The site is a great new product with a very unusual concept. You will literally want to see every single episode from beginning to end. The girls are very amateur-looking and are not like your average pornstars at all. It’s great to see their natural unpolished beauty and their unscripted response to this completely new thing in porn.

We feel like you should check Box Truck Sex out right now. The site offers an extremely fresh porn concept with this transparent box thing where hardcore stuff happens literally in the middle of the street. The videos come in HD and play for a full hour, sometimes even more than that. You can see the people walking by, having no idea there’s a European porn girl masturbating and getting nailed raw right there. So much fun! See Box Truck Sexv now!

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