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Boyfriend Share

Boyfriend Share

Review date: 16-Jan-2013 12:04. Some guys are just crazy about showing off for the camera, and who can blame them? Chiseled bodies, stiff juicy cocks, great camera presence – each and every boyfriend inside Boyfriend Share is exactly this way. Discover this all-new site which brings together high class user experience and features and some of the naughtiest and loveliest lads from all over the country. Awesome!

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Boyfriend Share

Intro promises:
What do they say about good things in life and how are these supposed to be shared? Do they say this at all? Well, they fucking should. See, Boyfriend Share here got us thinking about serious stuff like that here. After we nearly abused ourselves to death, that is. The problem with this site, it’s just too damn awesome. Boyfriend Share is brand new to the amateur boyfriend scene, and it’s coming well-prepared. The site was built to encourage sharing footage with hot tasty beefcake – and encourage jacking off while watching what others have shared as well. Right, we know there are like hundreds of such sites around. The advantage of Boyfriend Share is not just that it’s brand new, but something else as well. Launched under the Blake Mason brand, which, if you haven’t heard, is synonymous with awesomeness of British amateur man, Boyfriend Share has a great deal of class to it. See the tour to get a better idea of what we mean, and to get a boner from watching all these sexy European guys in their most private moments, too! Really, doesn’t the tour just ooze class and quality? If you do feel the need to play with yourself as hot studs, twinks, and jocks from all over Europe and beyond are doing the same on your screen, you better choose the quality stuff. Let us just get a better picture here.

Apparently everybody is doing it these days. There is no shame any more in letting others see the goodies of your lovers, even if they see them as you are playing with these goodies. In other words, it’s cool to share videos and pics with your gay boyfriend, and Boyfriend Share is prime evidence of that. Although at some point we were like, is this shit for real? Some of the videos are so good-looking and having a story to them… But no, these are all genuinely amateur guys with no camera experience at all. Boyfriend Share has a generous array of pictorials and videos which seem to follow the basic principles of similar sites – but at the same time are of much better quality. In fact, everything is of much better quality. The member area looks better. The guys are totally hot and handsome, and don’t forget hung, too. We did enjoy the ratio between the softer episodes, selfies, mostly, and all-out hardcore sex. We’re talking sixtynining, deepthroats, anal pounding here, all of the above together and in any sequence and combination. There are bonuses, too, with this deal, you’re getting access to over 8 hundred different videos. Remember, people are submitting videos to Boyfriend Share as you are reading this, so the site is simply bound to get bigger, giving you more sexy boyfriends every damn day of the week!

Boyfriend Share brings the much-missed class to the good old amateur gay boyfriend scene. The site is launched by a known gay porn brand and you can feel it. The videos must be going through some sort of selection process because most of them look real good – and the guys are real hot. Softer stuff, harder stuff, solo stuff, couple or threesome stuff, there’s a bit for everyone here. Support the spirit of sharing your hot boyfriends and check out the best-looking and the most user-friendly and honest site in this scene for today! Those British amateurs just can’t be missed.

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