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Boys 4 Girls

Boys 4 Girls

Review date: 18-Oct-2017 06:12. A current news flash in the sex industry that should be placed in the 'Duh!' file: girls who like boys like sex too. Not news to SexHerald readers, I'm certain, but the industry is finally catching up and recognizing that men-lovin' women are just as willing to spend money on sex as everyone else.

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Boys 4 Girls

Intro promises:
Yeah, Playgirl's been around for a while, and I'll venture to say that if it hadn't been for the occasional bashful article in Elle or Cosmo many a college-age girl would've never ventured past missionary-only sex or been able to say 'dildo' instead of 'marital aid'. As a guy who likes girls who like sex, I'd love to see a website for straight or guy-curious women, but unfortunately, Boys 4 Girls ain't it.

No, Boys 4 Girls is part of the same porn chain as ExSluts and ChubbyLover, which I've also reviewed. And I would've given them a similar, higher rating for the amount of content available, but not even lip service is given to the very specific angle of 'porn for girls who like guys', other than the blurb on the log-in page: 'the only good man is a pussy-eating man!' Wise words perhaps, but once you get inside, you're left high and dry. The copy advertising each video site is obviously aimed at men, which is a potential turn-off. The galleries aren't specifically aimed at women, although you'll be able to find most anything you're looking for here with patient browsing. Keep in mind that you'll encounter the typical 'stupid slut' stereotyping common to mainstream porn. And while there's plenty of girl cheesecake, galleries of the promised 'beautiful men from around the world' are nowhere to be found.

There's generic straight smut here for you, although I strongly recommend that your money go towards a more focused and content-heavy site. If you're uncomfortable with the industry's generalization of women and are looking for a female POV with your porn and/or women-run smut media, try browsing through LilithWeb, MonicaWeb, or ScarletLetters. Track down a copy of the brilliant magazine Sweet Action, a girl-produced stroke book featuring hot hipster boys. Check out the current recommendations from the major women-owned and operated sex toy retailers like Good Vibrations or Toys in Babeland. Browse through SexHerald's website reviews and look for the highest-rated sites in your favorite genres. Put your ear to the wall the next time your roommate has her boyfriend over. Find it wherever you like and whenever you can, but there's much better woman-friendly smut to be had elsewhere and likely for less.

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