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Breaking Asses

Breaking Asses

Review date: 19-Aug-2012 14:28. Just give these lovely butts one look, it’s enough. They’re so curvy, tasty-looking, and also welcoming. Don’t you want to just hammer your boner into them? Breaking Asses will show you how it’s done! A fun reality site from the Cum Louder network, and also yet another porn masterpiece where Spanish is spoken. Which is totally hot. Try it right now, Spanish anal sluts are waiting.

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Breaking Asses

Intro promises:
If you like raw unscripted porn, Spanish-speaking sluts who are basically ready to fuck everywhere, and hardcore assfucking which leaves juicy backdoors split and gaping, there’s something we really want you to know about. Cum Louder, this kickass (pun intended) network of Spanish-language porn sites, has this cool anal sex themed hotspot now called Breaking Asses. You know what this network is all about? They combine a cheeky, nasty attitude to reality shooting and unscripted episodes with really good quality. The high definition videos resulting from all this are a total delight to both stream and watch after you’ve downloaded them. Anyway, the network seems to have separate site groups now, the ones completely in Spanish and the ones in English, but with Spanish-language content. Breaking Asses is a site of the second kind, so you don’t need to know any Spanish to understand the interface. Not like these sites have interface which is hard to grasp anyway. Breaking Asses has a tour done in the trademark Cum Louder style, it’s really well-designed and the good design provides a perfect background for tasty-looking content samples. Check the trailers, don’t you think these Spanish sluts are way hot when they get their poopers boned silly? The girls seem to be all lookers, the action is crazy, and the filming quality is nothing short of fantastic. We’re going deep, right here and right now.

After you enter, you find yourself surrounded with all the network awesomeness of Cum Louder. Start by selecting Breaking Asses from the navigation bar because this is the kind of adventure we’re having today, the adventure of wrecking some hot sluts’ butts! Breaking Asses has tens of episodes and it’s not overlooked in terms of network updates. The network gets fresh content really often and every week or so there’s a Breaking Asses update as well. You won’t have to wait for it and be bored, the Cum Louder family has 16 sites and counting. Anyway, Breaking Asses has videos filmed in Spain (or a Spanish-speaking country, sometimes it’s hard to tell), and the newer ones are set in the US. In some, girls speak entirely Spanish, in some, there’s some English involved. Still the thrill of Hispanic smut is there at all times. The unscripted episodes take you through different public locations where girls with delicious butts are picked up and then taken indoors for some hole-splitting sex. Or not even taken indoors at all! There’s a nice amount of hardcore action in the open here. Everything is fast, intense, full of color and energy, just like these Spanish sluts. The bareback anal sex is really animalistic and thanks to the high definition videos these babes (they do have a bit of glamour about them) look so real as if you’re only a couple feet away and can feel the heat of their ravished butts.

Breaking Asses is a bunch of Spanish dudes who are on the mission to turn as many tight curvy butts into gaping tunnels as possible. You’ll watch high definition documentaries of their insane adventures, with dozens and dozens of hot Hispanic babes put through really intense anal sex, mostly bareback. A proud member of the Cum Louder family, Breaking Asses has all the advantages of sites from this company. The quality level is incredibly high, and the thrill of hearing them assfucked sluts moan and scream in Spanish is a thing to experience. So, do it now!

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