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Breeder Fuckers

Breeder Fuckers

Review date: 29-Mar-2018 09:28. Some guys are straight and handsome. Too straight and too handsome, even. Something totally insane and limit-smashing awaits them and they have no idea. At Breeder Fuckers, unsuspecting straight men are bound, tortured, humiliated, teased, spanked, milked try, and left to bring pieces of their psyche together. Real pain, real smacks, real gay BDSM sex, super hardcore! Don’t miss it.

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Breeder Fuckers

Intro promises:
Do you like it when crazy gay stuff is done to hot straight men? It’s a whole special fetish, watching the boundaries and limits these innocent guys used to have being shattered forever. The world will never be the same when a straight guy has tasted the gay side! Well, if this is kind of your thing, get ready for Breeder Fuckers right here. This site is as new as it gets and it feels like yet another transmission from the British side of adult entertainment. These guys from the United Kingdom know their stuff when it comes to perversions of all sorts, especially perversions involving men, education, punishment, training and other SM-related things. Anyway, Breeder Fuckers is a gritty, rough, extreme new site specializing in very intense domination sequences feauring straight men and experienced gay kinksters and dungeon masters. Think the entire arsenal of tease and torture techniques, from vibrators on the tip of the cock to extreme ass toying, no-fake, very hard spanking, painful bondage, gagging, and of course hardcore man on man sex. The site’s tour conveys the atmosphere perfectly, not being sophisticated at all and instead offering a glimpse into the site’s world full of straight men suffering. The video trailer is quite smashing as well featuring the nastiest highlights from the site’s selection of movies. Check out this load of material before you enter – we know you will!

Breeder Fuckers is one of the few sites that you enter and feel that your hands are trembling a bit, from this adrenaline-producing mixture of anticipation and some sort of anxiety. Totally understandable. After all, things are really rough and real around here. These Brits, crazy motherfuckers! The things they do to their straight men, it’s unbelievable. You will see BDSM-inspired episodes of comprehensive domination, humiliation and extreme sex which take place in locations which are not as dark as your average BDSM dungeon, but which still offer all the facilities an experienced master of the perverse would want. The site updates every Wednesday, and it means a brand new video and picture gallery combo appears inside the member area. The site is really far from your average adult site, with all soul commercialized out of it. The people behind Breeder Fuckers, they know what they’re doing and they don’t let themselves be distracted with any overy commercial bullshit. Instead, they make their videos even more real, even rougher, even more shocking. You won’t have any reason to doubt whether this is all for real. You can see it fucking hurts. And when it gets to sex, you will get forceful orgasms just like these guys in the videos, cumming and screaming through the pain and humiliation. This is truly ground-breaking, and a bit body-breaking and spirit-breaking, too! You can’t miss this.

Breeder Fuckers is a take on the whole straight guy humiliation and bondage thing with a strong British flavor to it. It’s nasty, it’s always to the point, and it’s extremely well-made, meticulously, even. If you like these things in your porn, give Breeder Fuckers a try – but make sure you’re not among the faint-hearted. The site offers an incredible cocktail of gay BDSM humiliation, training and torture you will have almost as much trouble handling on your screen as these straight boys handling it on their own skin. This is crazy stuff, and a must see for anyone who likes their limits crossed and broken for sure.

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