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British Uniform Sex

British Uniform Sex

Review date: 9-Mar-2016 14:55. Leave it to the British to deliver a delicious load of fetish-themed erotica! British Uniform Sex is exactly what it is, the UK’s loveliest girls dolled up as police women, schoolgirls, French maids and much more. They just can’t bear the erotic tension any longer. So what do these uniform sluts do exactly when the arousal gets unbearable? Well, you’re just about to find out, buddy!

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British Uniform Sex

Intro promises:
Got a bit of a fetish for uniforms, or, putting it differently, for special and sexy outfits hot girls wear and look even hotter? We do have this thing, totally. Things have been sort of quiet on the uniform porn recently. So much the better, really, because what we have here apparently is well worth the wait. We’re talking about British Uniform Sex, and this is the newest site out there which lets you explore your uniform sex fantasies. Why worth the wait? Because here we’re dealing with British erotic production, and you know it’s the guys from the Old World who are best in certain areas of the obscene. In other words, it’s going to be a fun ride. British Uniform Sex has a neat-looking tour which you should by all means check out. Previews of these uniform sluts from all over the country showing you just how hot, horny, and worked up they are while wearing all these classy and appealing outfits will make the temperature in your room rise right away. The basic-looking but well-structured tour gives you plenty of previews and video trailers to enjoy. See them and then the tension will get unbearable, you’ll want to get up and close with these dolled up babes, find out how their outfits feel and watch them get themselves off. You do want all that, right? Well, British Uniform Sex isn’t holding anything back. Let’s see it all now!

British Uniform Sex is quite new, in fact, it only went live this week. However, the side already offers dozens of exclusive episodes. The dates when the updates were added are shown, and looks like it’s at least 2 updates every week. Nice! The content we’re talking about here comes as picture series and video episodes. These are mostly softcore, with the girls playing and posing in their chosen uniform, ending up on the bed or anywhere else where they can plug their soaked cunts with a huge sex toy – or have it plugged for them by one of their girlfriends. Uniformed, too, obviously. They might add hardcore sex episodes in the near future, but for now, there is not much of this thing going on. The uniforms are very well chosen, and on the girls so slim, sexy, and with so much character, it all works perfectly together. Expect to see all your favorite kinds of uniforms, nuns, nurses, French maids, police women – and some others. You will experience the inherently British attitude to special interest erotica. All the uniform outfits are very well-picked, they are classy, high quality garments, and the way the girls play with them, you always know they share your appreciation of uniforms perfectly. This is what British Uniform Sex is, and we gather the place will be of interest to anyone even remotely into uniforms.

British Uniform Sex is exactly what the name says. Get ready to see horny British cuties showing off their very well chosen outfits, from innocent nuns to mean, horny, out of control police women. Set your fantasies free and be the school professor, the suspect, or maybe the hospital patient you have always wanted to be. Watch these fine ladies tease you, get incredibly horny and get themselves off, all wearing your favorite uniforms. Just lovely, and a classic example of special interest British porn, too!

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