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Brutal Punishment

Brutal Punishment

Review date: 7-Jun-2010 14:27. Do you find corporal punishment sexy? We bet you do. How about a brand new site where sweet submissive girls are put through some real hell? From whipping and spanking to suspension and wax, this place is all about giving them bitches a real hard time. Discover this amazing site before all others do, it’s so fresh and new, and filled with hi-quality content!

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Brutal Punishment

Intro promises:
Dark, menacing, and minimalistic, the free area is just what it has to be. Brutal Punishment takes some elements from the traditional fetisn/BDSM outlay but adds its own twist. Check how many preview thumbnails are there, from huge juicy pictures to free video trailers which give you the idea what it’s all about and how it feels.

Essentially the site covers just about any sort of punishment you can imagine. The sessions take place either outdoor or indoor, and they are not limited to dungeons. We find it’s actually a good thing because it’s nice to take the BDSM experience out to the open and even to some familiar spaces like a parking lot or a deserted urban area. It does not always have to be in the secrecy of a dungeon, however nerve-tickling it may seem.

The array of videos offered by the site is quite impressive with hundreds of content items to choose from. The videos are the site’s main focus. These can either be streamed or downloaded. Either way, you get the full experience. The site’s native Flash player is nice-looking and handy, and the download speeds allow you to sit back and browse while it’s all being saved.

The sessions are not always about gear. We mean, sometimes it gets pretty fancy, with crosses, intricate suspension, refined ropework. But sometimes it’s just a whip or a paddle or something pretty basic but no less sexy because of that. The site offers weekly updates and they are just about as diverse as they can possibly get. Regarding how hard it gets, in fact, it does get pretty hard. The girls let out natural screams, and their bodies clearly show the traces of everything inflicted to their smooth soft skin. It’s all played out in a very authentic way and you will never doubt whether the girl or her punishing master are enjoying this. The production is also worth a mention. We like how the indoor shoots have some refined light work with shadows and light where necessary creating a very visually rich experience. As the site’s update timeline goes from whips to crosses and then to paddles and then to outdoor suspension, you will never get bored, no doubt about that.

Brutal Punishment is a very new and authentic corporal punishment and bondage site which offers an impressive selection of hi-quality videos available for streaming and downloading. Its authentic punishment episodes clearly involve BDSM lifestylers and show an impressive degree of being natural. Boredom becomes impossible and far away as the site goes from suspension in the woods to flogging, then to whipping, then to wax and what not. Discover this very new product on the fetish market before all others do so!

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