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Budapest Bang

Budapest Bang

Review date: 3-Nov-2017 05:21. If you've ever wanted to know how Hungarian women fuck, well, now you can.' Are these 'real' girls? Well, they aren't imaginary, but I doubt that all of these are girls straight off the streets.' They range from semi-attractive to not very attractive at all and you can view pictures or movies.' The pictures range from good quality to pretty crappy, but most of that depends on the quality of the movie.'

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Budapest Bang

Intro promises:
Like so many porn sites, the pictures are merely screen-by-screen recaps.' Why not offer something different?' After all, we're going to watch the videos, so what's the point of looking at a bunch of pictures that offer the same thing?' It would be nice to have different content. The videos are streamed through the site, which is nice, and you can choose from low or high quality.' They are also available in different formats for Windows and Mac.' What I want to know is why the movies are separated into clips?' It's a pain to watch five two-minute segments.' I'd rather it be one video, even if it might take longer for it to buffer.' The quality of the videos is mediocre at best, and they could do with some editing.' There are way too many close-ups and awkward camera angles.' For example, in one scene, you just get a shot of a guy's balls hitting the girl's ass.' It's not much of a turn-on.' Thankfully, the girls though seem to be enjoying themselves for the most part.' Although they aren't screaming with pleasure, they're making enough noise and they're making that 'O' face to make it seem like they're having a good time.'

There's also enough variety (blowjobs, anal, cunnilingus, and regular sex) to appeal to most of the audience.' The girls, even if they all aren't that attractive, are neatly shaven and have nice bodies.' Some of the movies are supposed to have a premise, (i.e. a girl goes to her doctor's and they have wild sex) which is completely unnecessary.' In fact, it would probably be hotter if we were to believe that all the girls were just taken from the streets of Budapest.' Why?' Simply because we would all have the belief that we could get semi-decent girls in bed with us.' And isn't that what we're all hoping for when we travel to other countries?' There's not even an effort to put any description of the movie or the girl or how they came to be video taped, so there's no real connection.' It's unfortunate, but even a lame little line like 'Tina Butt knows how to take it in the butt!' would make people more excited about watching the videos. The site doesn't really offer much.' There are only 30 videos on the actual site.' If you're a member though you get access to 16 bonus sites, so if you didn't like Budapest Bang, you can watch, Perfect DP.' They have some pretty hilarious names like 'Tales from the Crack.'' And that's pretty much it; the dating and webcam sites are separate sites that you have to pay for.' There also seems to be some kind of bug on the site.' The latest updated video that's on the top of the page doesn't link to anywhere and you're led to a page that says 'Scene not Found.' Below this link are the network updates, but none of these are linked.' Good thing all the links in the past updates section work.' But why are the updates for Budapest Bang underneath the updates for the network sites?' Wouldn't it make more sense to have the actual movies for the site closer to the top of the site?' The site itself is unattractive.' It seems like whoever made the site didn't pay any money to appeal to the senses and just made everything with rudimentary html.' The rating system doesn't seem to help the site any either.' Many of the videos are ranked as 1 star or no stars.' But what bothers me about the ranking is that you can't arrange the movies from best ranked to worst ranked.' What's the point of even having people rank movies if the website doesn't even process that information?

Overall, this is not a quality site.' The quality of videos isn't that great, the pictures are just rehashes of the movies, the girls aren't that great looking, and the site is almost too simple.' It's nice that the videos are streamed, but they're broken up into several clips which disrupts the viewing pleasure.' The girls seem to be having some fun at least and the variety of sexual interactions help make the site interesting.' Unfortunately, that's not really to justify spending any money on the site.'

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