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Bulldog Pit

Bulldog Pit

Review date: 5-Nov-2017 07:05. Is there any part of that name that doesn't conjure up visions of raw, animalistic, hardcore underground fucking? Well, maybe it's not quite that dark, but watch a few scenes and you'll see that you've pretty much just got beautiful dogs rutting in heat. Younger guys, older guys, pretty boys, rugged types; it doesn't matter. They're all just in it for the sex.

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Bulldog Pit

Intro promises:
Kink is the name of the game in a lot of the videos with toys broken in, or at least bottoms who are toyed with in most scenes. Whether or not they actually break out the dildos, there's almost always some warm-up before the fucking actually starts. Straight-up vanilla is not welcome here. What's really hot though (at least for this English speaker) is that a lot of the videos have British actors, lending sexy accents and understandable (though totally irrelevant) plots to each scene. Don't expect everything to have some kind of setup'some are just pure sex'but scenarios like plumber-fucks-young man-whose-parents-aren't-home keep things moving along nicely.

There're two ways to go through the site: by video or by model, with young Ashley Rider seeming to be one of the most prolific models. He appears in no less than nine of the 48 videos offered for viewing. And expect some new hardcore scene in each one. If you so desire to browse through the site by model, you'll find a number of still photographs that are, shockingly, worthwhile. The posed photos outside of the scenes themselves actually manage to convey the menacing eroticism of the action scenes. The bonus section offers some cool extra videos, though they aren't downloadable. You'll find bits and pieces of bonus scenes and extra camera shots and even a couple solos thrown in. Don't worry, though, the solos don't lose any of the hardcore edge that the rest of the site has as they've got a healthy dose of toys to be played with. Now if you really want to keep abreast of the scenes, check out the Blog section that goes through a number of the behind-the-scenes details of the videos far better than their scant descriptions do. Of course, the posts are specifically written to get you all worked up, but if it actually works, who's going to complain if the situations seem a bit contrived? The streaming videos are great. Quality, speed, presentation, options. You name it. The site as a whole has an eye for modern technology. The downloadable videos are offered according to how you're supposed to view them. You've got iPod, iPhone, WMV, Quicktime and Standard viewing. The only sticking points are fairly minor in that the downloadable videos are almost disconnected from the site. If you get to the video from the actor list you'll only be taken to the streaming videos.' And if you browse by video, you're given a scene description and the choice to stream or download. Except when you download you're taken to another section without descriptions, leaving you wishing you'd taken notes on what you wanted to watch.

Then there are the updates. It looks like they update nearly every day, but if you actually pay attention, you'll find that the updates apply to all the sites within the network such as alphamalejerkoffs, alphamalefuckers, naughtyhardcocks, latinstudsmania and brashboys. All of which you have access to, but in the end the actual updates to Bulldog Pit are about once a week, which is still pretty good. All in all, you're going to be very happy with Bulldog Pit, particularly if you like a little extra kick with your sex.

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