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Butt Formation

Butt Formation

Review date: 14-Feb-2017 14:34. It’s so cool when a girl takes care of her body. It’s even cooler when a girl makes a special effort to make sure a certain part of her body looks extra sexy. Butt Formation here is a brand new and a very unusual site showing what young hotties do to make their butts very bubbly and very curvy and tight and cute. Let’s take a look right now!

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Butt Formation

Intro promises:
Don’t you love it when a girl takes care of herself and works out regularly? There are just so many cool things about it. First, she wants to look good — for you, no less. Second, watching sexy girls going through their workouts is just too much fun. Tight-fitting outfits, flexing that body in all manner of sexy ways, sweat, there are just so many erotic triggers. And what if the workout is specifically meant to make the girl’s butt firmer and curvier and sexier? Then we are simply obsessed with it! Butt Formation is a very special new site that offers the kind of content we literally have never seen before. It’s all about hot young girls working out hard to get that perfect booty. There are workouts specifically focused on the booty, and there are trainers who will stop at nothing to help the girls push their limits. And of course after a successful training program the thing to do is flaunt that tight shapely butt right in front of your face! This is essentially what ButtFormation is all about. Quite unusual, don’t you think? The classy expensive-looking design gives you a perfect taste of the site’s classy, glamorous, very original content. It’s like a butt workout portal with an erotic twist! Definitely one of the most unusual erotic sites we have ever seen. Let’s dig in right now!

Dozens of young hotties perform exhausting but oh so efficient butt workouts, and you get to see everything! Now you don’t have to lurk YouTube for family-friendly workout videos. We know you’ve done that, come on! Butt Formation shows you all the details you always wanted to see, including the end results. The tight, perfectly shaped, just flawless asses. This is truly a very unusual concept. We’ll let you be the one to find out just how candid, uncensored, and hardcore these videos actually are. They are definitely on the softcore side. The site could be perfect for you if you like to watch young cuties squatting and flexing and doing all kinds of butt-enhancing exercises. The way these tiny shorts squeeze these already tight butt cheeks, it’s just out of control. Another thing here, ButtFormation features these trainers who keep the girls motivated and working hard. That’s another interesting angle. And then you get to see the proud girls boasting their brand new tight curvy behinds! Is this the best part? Again, we’ll let you find out. Butt Formation is an interesting find for those who do not absolutely insist a site must have hardcore content. If you’re open-minded, have a bit of a fetish for butt workouts and for sexy asses in tight tiny shorts, we think you should give ButtFormation a try. The videos are great, the HD quality is excellent, and you won’t regret it.

Sweat, tight muscular butts, exhausting workouts, and erotic tension you may not be able to handle. This is Butt Formation, a very special new site that caters to the needs of those who like watching butt workouts and who like the end results! The site design is classy and glamorous, the videos are very well-produced, and you get to see everything in genuine high definition. Workouts, training, ultra tight booty, naughty fitness outfits, all the things are here for your pleasure. Let the girls work hard and sweat and squat and what not, and watch their butts get even sexier!

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