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Butt Lounge

Butt Lounge

Review date: 26-Oct-2017 06:02. Usually, I find the actors and actresses in amateur movies pretty lame to say the least. Most times, they look like they've been picked up from your local Covenant House after a weekend bender. Add that to the fact that the camera work and film quality is dark and shoddy and you have the makings of an Internet disaster.

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Butt Lounge

Intro promises:
Butt Lounge is an adult amateur website, and although the actors are some of the hottest around, technical issues make this site nearly unbearable. First, the positive: the girls on Butt Lounge are spectacular. Out of any amateur site I've reviewed, the girls here ride that fine line between bland and wannabe supermodel. They all truly have that girl-next-door look that will make you have to take that second look just to be sure that you've never met them before. Now you know what happened to the captain of the cheerleading squad after her pep rally days were over.

Not only that, but these girls get down and freaky on camera. All the action on Butt Lounge is anal, and these girls take to butt sex like a fish does to water. You'll be astounded to find such hot amateurs so willing to get sodomized. Take Jany for instance. She looks like she could be Russian or Eastern European, and she is so fresh faced and gorgeous that when she takes the stud's hard cock in her ass you'll nearly shout for joy. Watching girls like this get done would be a pleasure, except for the technical issues that infect the site like the avian flu. First of all, the movies are in streaming QuickTime format. Now, I don't know about you, but I happen to loathe QuickTime because it lacks a full-screen format, and unless you copy and paste the URL into your QuickTime player you won't even be able to increase the size of the picture.

Furthermore, there are no accompanying photo sets to the movies, or even separate photo sets of the girls, which they truly deserve. Likewise, the videos are shot from one camera on a tripod and the stud is also the cameraman meaning that during sex you only get one angle. That's pretty good if you're R. Kelly but when you're paying a hefty amount a month you expect more. There's some nice bonus material featuring some other hot amateurs, but unless you're an amateur fiend with QuickTime experience you might want to take your dime somewhere else.

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