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Butter Loads

Butter Loads

Review date: 8-Sep-2010 20:23. You’ve always heard about gay porn performers having to fuck their way into the cast. Whether beginner or professional, many men in porn have to expose their mouths and butts to some sinful activity before their name is on the cast. With Butter Loads, you are just going to find out what really happens. Get ready for some gay behind the scenes!

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Butter Loads

Intro promises:
Did you know gay porn was notorious for all the indecent things young performers have to do before they are signed for a movie? Some say the situation is even worse with it than with mainstream stuff! Well, whatever they say, the good side of it is that you can actually watch this world’s hottest and most ambitious men suck and fuck their way into top shelf porn. How can you do it? Now you got Butter Loads, an all new, freshly launched site with real behind the scenes casting footage. The site comes from Haze Cash team, a company known for its no bullshit approach. And hey, check out the tour area yourself. Everything is laid out clean and simple. Actual content episodes, thumbnails and video trailers are always in the main focus. Looks like you can preview many, if not all episodes here. The site is centered around a producer who works in gay porn and has a very realistic looking office with desks, computers, and sex toys all around. Hot men come into the office seeking a part in an upcoming gay movie. Some are just looking for work, have nothing to do with anything gay and are even married. But they all get dicked in the end, and boy some of these young men look beautiful. Built like linebackers and with tight virgin asses hungry for some good old pounding, these lovely guys will do anything to get what they want. Looks like a win win situation for our producer guy!

So, what do we have here? We can’t say this site is so packed with content it just cannot fit any more in. Butter Loads is a new product on the market and it was launched with a reasonable bunch of episodes. We are sure it will keep growing, after all, it comes from a team who have earned a name in adult entertainment already. You get to see pictures and videos, and both look pretty good. You can stream the videos or browse or download the pictures. These all look pretty good, the pictures have great resolution and they come in pretty big amounts per gallery; the videos are streaming through a Flash powered player. We are sure it will all be nice and fast even on an average connection. And the action is totally worth it! Some of the men featured in this behind the scenes footage will really rock your world. If this is the type of man meat those guys in porn get to fuck and play with, hell, maybe we should also be in the biz? Every episode features some intro talking and then, depending on how desperate the target is, the action begins. Expect to see a lot of uncensored ass fingering, butt fucking and cocksucking going on. And some of these tools are huge, we can tell you! If you want to experience the naughty and lustful benefits of being in gay porn and meeting hot ambitious performers every day, Butter Loads is your thing.

The bottom line of Butter Loads is simple. It’s a new and growing site with hot men and lots of hardcore casting sex. Both the videos and pictures look very nice. The site’s strongest points are the men. Young, muscled, hot as hell, sometimes even straight, all of them don’t mind a great deal of super hardcore fucking if it gets them any closer to what they want. They use sex to get more sex, but get paid for it next time! It’s kinda a vicious circle, but with guys hot as hell and horse hung, isn’t what you really want to see?

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