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By Gone Boys

By Gone Boys

Review date: 2-Nov-2017 05:23. At first glance, By Gone Boys sounds like it might have a kind of Goth feel to it (think: The Lost Boys) or that it might feature badass thugs (who are too far gone, in a sense). This site, presented by Jeremy East (himself a foot fetishist's wet dream), is actually neither but I'm not quite sure exactly what it is, either.

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By Gone Boys

Intro promises:
I think that the concept may have originally been an updated version of the classic beefcake portraiture of the 1950s, but the settings, models and art direction is far too contemporary to create such a coherent aesthetic. Regardless, what By Gone Boys does do well is a high-quality eroticism courtesy of its stable of allegedly straight All-American men (although not all of the models are domestic).

There are currently 18 featured models and while there is a range of skin tones and ethnicities represented, all of these men have a lean, clean-cut, twinkish look to them. (There are exceptions, but all of them pretty much are clean-shaven with short hair and fresh gear.) Each man has a page with a photo gallery and available video content listed, and this content is cross-referenced with the Updates which, as far as I can tell, are now done weekly. Each of the galleries has a title, description, and the model's stats. For example: 'Brody in Cr'me' features Brody Fitch who is 6'1', 148 lbs., and has brown eyes and wears a size 11 shoe. He is further described as 'a hard-working country boy with a lean athletic body.' Brody looks a little dazed in his first few shots, but he seems to warm up to the camera as he disrobes in the subsequent 50 or so images. (Brody doesn't even get himself off after the 501s hit the floor!)

Brody also doesn't have any video clips, but for those By Gone Boys with clips, these are available as high and low-resolution WAV files (and sometimes in HD) that play in a small frame within the larger site. ''Videos older than 3/23/07 are protected by DRM and are not compatible with Mac.' The site is being updated (content, talent, and technologically speaking) so that some archived footage will be lost altogether, but also so that newer content won't have any of these platform compatibility issues. The videos themselves are solo or group, jack-off sequences with little or no actual contact, fornication, or penetration of any of the participants. This may dissuade some men from joining, but might actually be a welcome counterpoint for others to the gobs of mediocre hardcore gay porn available elsewhere on the 'net.

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