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Canada Date Link

Canada Date Link

Review date: 8-Aug-2018 09:17. So, you're a Canadian, eh? And you're looking for someone who lives close to you and wouldn't make fun of your accent? Then you've come to the right place. Canada Date Link is the dating website with the largest number of Canadian members among all the competition, and it's offering some great features to help you meet new people who live in your area.

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Canada Date Link

Intro promises:
Since it offers a free membership, it would be best to sign up for an account and see what this site is all about. Maybe this is your chance to meet that special one... Thanks to its popularity, Canadian Date Link can boast with thousands of members online day and night. That means you can choose one of the three chat options (video, audio and regular chat) to contact people you find interesting and there'll always be a lot of profiles to choose from. Say goodbye to lonely nights in front of the TV and start talking to like minded people on this website instead. Unlike many other dating websites that try to trick you into paying for a subscription any way they can, Canadian Date Link provides a free basic membership to its users. That means you make sure you take it for a ride before you decide to buy the upgraded version. An thanks to the profile creating wizard, it's never been easier to fill out a profile and it'll take only 3 minutes of your time. Now that you got started, it's time to search for cool people.

Some people here are just looking for someone to talk to, while some are seeking a non committing hookup. Whatever the reason you're here is, you need to adjust your search accordingly. That's why having five different search options makes Canadian Date Link stand out in the crowd among similar dating websites. You get the quick search options to find out how many interesting people are in a 50 mile radius from you. Then there's keyword search if you're looking for something specific, or username search if you're trying to locate a member. But the most interesting are detailed search and personality search that allow you to go into details while weeding out the cool profiles that catch your eye. This way you can make sure you won't have to give up on someone just because they're a smoker or a cat lover, and it saves you time and energy. If you look at the membership upgrade prices, it really doesn't pay off to get an one month subscription, because it's $29.86. Great news is that Canadian Date Link offers an exclusive offer to new members who decide to upgrade their profile for a 12 month period. Instead of paying $358.32 for a yearly subscription, you can get it today for only $99.44. Keeping in mind that you're looking at a No 1 Canadian dating site, we don't see why you shouldn't take a risk and help improve your love life. Although there is a large number Canadians who moved to different countries, especially to the United States, 99% of members are Canadian residents, which makes perfect sense. So, if you're living abroad and are looking for a fellow Canadian to connect with, you might get disappointed depending on the area you live in. But there is still hope, because Canadian Date Link is one of the fastest expanding dating websites, and with every day there is over one thousand new members increasing your chances for meeting the right person.

After taking a tour and exploring the benefits of this website and all the features that make it stand out from the competition, we agree that Canadian Date Link is one of the greatest dating places for Canadians. Although it could use more members outside of Canada, those who live in Canada won't have trouble meeting local singles. It's a great place to meet all kinds of people and look for anything from friends to spouses, so it would be a shame to miss out on this great way to meet people. We are strongly suggesting you give it a try, and use the exclusive discount on a one year subscription. So go ahead and sign up for an account today, and take a step forward in your journey for that special person.

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