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Canadian Tgirl

Canadian Tgirl

Review date: 20-Oct-2012 08:45. Canada may be not the first country you think about when you imagine a hot tgirl doing naughty stuff – and also thinking where she could be from. Still, as it turns out, this big, cold country is home to some of the most beautiful shemales you’ll ever see in your life. Move your ass, Brazil and Thailand! In Canada, things are classier and just as hot, if not more. Check it all out now.

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Canadian Tgirl

Intro promises:
What is the best country in the world to check out the tgirl scene, you think? Yeah, yeah, we know, Argentina, and Brazil, and Thailand, and maybe a few other places. But check it out, there is a huge country very close to you (close to us anyway), which is quite literally a treasury of hot tgirls. We’re talking Canada here, and trust us, we’re just as surprised as you are. More exotic countries usually make the list, but Canada? It is because of its healthcare system? On a more serious note, Canada Tgirl is very, very new, and we feel like it’s totally worth your attention. It’s new as in not even launched yet, being in beta for now. For when we are writing this, of course. But the site is up and running, and they got some damn good tgirls in there. If you are looking for fine, feminine, blonde-haired shemales which do unite the best of both worlds and don’t look like victims of some horrendous surgical experiments, this is the place. Well, it must be the healthcare system anyway. From what we can see in the tour, Canada Tgirl features shemale models so beautiful they could even look hotter than Canadian girls. Check out the sample episodes and savor the tour design with a lot of Canadian elements in there. Turns out Canucks are good not just for hockey and maple syrup!

This is way more fun than hockey and way sweeter than the best maple syrup you ever had. Canada Tgirl has a cool, refined approach to shemale porn, and it shows in just about any aspect of the site you can come up with. The general attitude is that of artistic value when it comes to content – and striking beauty when it comes to the shemale models and what they do. Canada Tgirl wraps all the great HD content it has into a neat-looking, hi-class design. The site shows a damn good balance between softcore and hardcore shoots. After all, you want to see everything these smooth-skinned fair-haired Canadian tgirls have to offer, right? Whether they pose and tease or whether they are getting stiff dripping dick in their tight fuck holes, you may be sure they will be filmed with the quality and creativity levels they deserve. Never before has this whole woman with a little extra thing been so real! They got taste, these Canadial tgirl bitches. Clothes, underwear, shoes even, plus shooting locations and the general feel of it all – these are fine ladies, not some tramps. Canada Tgirl is a very special site which shows a lot of promise. If you liked what you saw in the tour and then you signed up, you won’t regret it, ever, totally guaranteed. Not with these classy Canadian ladies.

Canadian Tgirl is exotic even with all the tgirl sites you have seen before. If you are looking for fine ladies who know what taste and beauty is, and at the same time are packing a bit of beef between their smooth thighs, this is your thing. Discover what these horny Canadian shemales do to remain warm in cold, chilly Canadian winters. They will enslave your soul in no time at all, and tease your heart out, too. The site is filled with a nice starting package of HD content nobody has ever seen, you’ll literally be the first one to see it all!

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