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Candid HDV

Candid HDV

Review date: 18-Jun-2013 05:35. Do you enjoy watching candid camera vids and voyeur footage with unsuspecting girls flashing their goods, often in public? Do you think it’s high time we fans of such videos stopped being fed these awful-looking low resolution videos? If so, Candid HDV is here to make you happy. The site is loaded with fresh exclusive candid videos filmed in original 1080p HD. Finally someone did it!

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Candid HDV

Intro promises:
If there is a topic we haven’t touched upon here in a while, it’s voyeurism and sexy candids. Which is weird, because we are huge fans of the niche. Oh wait, it might be because there haven’t been any worthy sites that appeared recently. It’s probably that. Well, now that Candid HDV was released, we don’t really have to think about it. The site brings the entire concept of candid videos filmed in public with hot girls walking around in all sorts of sexy wear to a whole new level. It’s high time those guys actually took advantage of the progress with cameras and other equipment! Really, it’s time we all said no to sites with low res content. Candid HDV attempts to combine high definition footage in 1080p and candid videos filmed in Spain, Russia, and everywhere in between. Filming hot girls without them knowing as they walk around in tight jeans, tiny shorts, revealing bikinis and what not, this is the dream! The guys at Candid HDV seem to not just be living it, but also letting us watch the whole thing in really good quality. The tour has this sleek, cool, self-confident look which really matches the nature and the topic of the site. Just look at all these episode previews with hot bitches flaunting their goodies around for the world to see. It’s high time someone caught them on camera – and better quality camera, too! Candid HDV has a really appealing, modern-looking tour, and we hope the member area is the same way.

Oh but it is! Candid HDV made a promise, and it delivered. The site’s member area follows the design trend of the tour. Dark, minimalist, modern, the design just lets the content shine. And the content does shine. Pay attention to the features, they are pretty awesome. Like tagging! Each and every episode is tagged, with such great tags as hotpants, jeans, street, or underwater. Plus like a dozen other tags. Makes finding what you feel like watching right now real damn easy. The site is new and it may be smaller than some other sites launched earlier. But even now there are tens of exclusive videos for you to see. With weekly updates, Candid HDV should become huge and even more awesome in no time at all. All episodes are videos, this is how you can appreciate the HD resolution of the movies and enjoy the dynamics of the scene. The vids are filmed on streets and beaches of all sorts of European countries. The camera follows a hot girl filming her ass or crack or her entire body if the angle allows. The girl or the girls keep walking and talking and never find out! The HD quality makes everything so damn real. The movies come in 4 formats, from the versatile MKV for fullest 1080p quality to MP4 for your iOS device. We’ll leave you here, we know you have lots of really interesting candid cam material to see!

Super fresh exclusive candid cam videos from all over Europe in high definition? Yes, if it is Candid HDV. This young but growing place offers candid movies from beaches, city streets and plenty of other locations filmed with great understanding what fans of the niche want – and also in great quality. Enjoy Candid HDV and realize it’s the best-looking candid cam and voyeurism video site right now! Don’t miss out, looks like a game-changer is here. The name is Candid HDV, go see it now!

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