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Candy Films

Candy Films

Review date: 25-Oct-2017 08:11. If you know my reviews, then you know that usually I can't stand the generic porn website. Most of these kind of sites get a bunch of old clips that you've seen a million different times and dump them in a haphazard mess on your computer. However, Candy Films is a much, much better quality of generic sites.

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Candy Films

Intro promises:
Instead of tossing you a bunch of crap, Candy Films happily buries you under a field of high-quality material that is easily downloadable and accessed. What makes Candy Films so good is the variety of adult movies you'll find here that cannot be accessed anywhere else. Their library is very large, but membership with them also allows you access to their bonus sites that are some of the best around. Sites like Pornstar Classics (one of the most comprehensive classic adult movie websites I've ever seen), Do My Mom and Smashcom Hardcore are a perfect complement to Candy Films and give you enough movies to keep you busy for days.

But, even without these additions Candy Films still remains strong. There are 17 pages of movies featured on their site with about nine scenes per page. These movies don't feature any bottom-of-the-barrel actresses either, but star some of the hottest girls in the business such as Bella Marie, Crystal Ray (who's making quite an impact in the Adult video industry) and Ashley Blue who remains one of the most high-octane chicks in the world. There's a plethora of different kinds of sex here as well. You'll find blowjob, anal, three-way, girl-girl and interracial movies, and all of them are spectacular. With a nearly unlimited depth of variety, you'll never spend a moment regretting your decision to register. Make sure when you register to check out the Bella and Crystal Ray three-way scene. Like I mentioned before, both girls are unbelievably hot, and to see them go down on the lucky stud's cock, each deep throating with relish, will definitely leave you breathless. You can't go wrong here.

There are a few problems with Candy Films. The movies could be categorized a bit better, and each genre of movie could have its own links. Also, a couple of pics from each scene would be helpful in selecting which movie you would like to download. But, even with these minor issues Candy Films is a great site and more than worth the price of admission.

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