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Caribbean Flaver

Caribbean Flaver

Review date: 6-Dec-2015 21:12. In the Caribbean, the girls are curvy and hot, the guys are hung, and everybody is horny and never shy to act on it. No, we didn’t watch a documentary. Instead, we watched all the videos inside Caribbean Flaver! The site really feels like the only hotspot of Caribbean porn you may ever want to see. Why? Because there are tons of stuff here, and all of it is just way too hot! Let’s get exotic right now!

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Caribbean Flaver

Intro promises:
What’s your favorite flavor? Must be hard to answer, huh? Don’t torture yourself, instead, we’ll tell you what our favorite flavor right now is. Perhaps it will become your favorite, too! We’re talking about Caribbean Flaver here, a fun, sun-splashed website with plenty of hardcore and softcore porn filmed in the Caribbean. Exotic? You bet. We are not even sure what’s the coolest thing about it. Maybe the breathtaking locations all these guys and girls get off in – sea shores, thick exotic woods, hills and streams and such? It’s real paradise, that’s for sure. Maybe it’s how they look, these lads and ladies, dark-skinned, guys hung like horses, girls with delicious booty and exotic black pussy to die for. Yeah, maybe that. Must be the combination of all of it, really, plus the inimitable feeling of freedom the Caribbean gives you. Seriously, look at these couples, they get it on 24/7. Caribbean Flaver pretty much sums up all the Caribbean-themed sites we have reviewed here previously. Remember? There was a whole bunch of these, with BBW, lesbian sex, guys and what not. Caribbean Flaver feels like some sort of a network site for all these and even though it’s not mentioned anywhere, we got a feeling this is an umbrella site kinda summing up what the other sites covered. The tour looks very similar. We love this crazy ass amateur design, primitive, yet very catchy – and with lots of video trailers!

Like we have said already, Caribbean Flaver feels like the bigger brother for all other Caribbean sites published by the same guys. It looks similar, but it’s bigger, meaning it has more stuff inside, and in many ways it sums up what other sites have touched upon. You like girls doing it solo, all these black Caribbean cuties playing with their flavorsome pussies while the ocean is kissing them all over? Perhaps you like them on the curvy side? You got it. Could do with a bit of girl on girl action? No big deal, there you go. Finally, want to see some thick, long black dick sliding into that Caribbean fuck hole? For sure, dozens of videos to see with that kind of stuff. Everything here is raw, animalistic, making you want to say fuck off to the world you are used to and just run away into the jungle to have sex there all day and night. That’s what Caribbean Flaver can do to you! The site features a really expansive collection of videos which offer a terrific balance between good-looking and amateur. It never gets too commodified, but it’s still very enjoyable to watch, with good angles and music and such. After you’ve seen Caribbean Flaver, there’s not much in Caribbean-themed porn to see. The site kinda covers it all for you – and it is a good thing. Check it out, it may just become your one and only Caribbean smut destination!

Caribbean Flaver is a fun, frisky site with lots of exotic sex going on in all kinds of awesome locations in the Caribbean. All the girls and guys look natural and amateur, and their healthy Carribean sexual appetite with really throw you back in your seat. The site is the king of the bunch of these Caribbean sites we have reviewed here. Check it if you like the heat of amateur action, exotic locations and girls (and guys), and don’t like your porn turned into plastic commercial product. Things are done differently in the Caribbean, so enjoy!

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