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Review date: 20-Oct-2017 07:40. One of the hazards of being a professional porn reviewer is something I call 'porna vu' -- the creeping sensation that somewhere, somehow, you've seen this website before. Casarosso styles itself, per the breathless and charmingly stilted English of its introductory tour, 'the hottest live sex shot on the net, straight from Amsterdam,' and wants you to pay $40 a month to enter 'the world famous Live Sex Theatre Casarosso in the world.'

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Intro promises:
But once you've made it past the incredibly tacky cartoons of the guest's tour, what you find yourself in is hauntingly familiar. Tons of popups? Check. Zero exclusive content? 'Featured' streaming videos that are unwatchably jerky, or just don't work at all? Gotcha. Somehow, somewhere, we've seen this before. Even the layout seems kind of familiar. Haven't we...been here before? Yes, we've been here before: Casarosso is, from all appearances, the exact same site as GothFuck, which was given a 2-star rating here last month. Same layout, same streaming feeds, same technical problems. Slightly different color scheme, and of course a different come-on page.

That said, fairness demands that I give Casarosso a slightly higher rating than its nearly identical twin. Mostly, this is a matter of relative honesty in advertising: GothFuck promised something it largely didn't deliver (goth girls), while Casarosso doesn't really make any bones about being a generic compilation porn site, and if it didn't have a distressingly high rate of technical problems, it could even be considered a decent one. Unfortunately, technical glitches do abound. Of the three streaming feeds that were given the 'Featured' nod when this review was written, one ('Manic Mommies') had such poor connectivity that it was basically an animated slide show, and one ('Hardcore Cheerleaders') wouldn't play at all.

If you're willing to dig through the non-working links, the nonstop pop-ups and the strangely laid out interface, Casarosso is much like any other site that's mostly a compilation of licensed third-party content: there's some pearls among the hogslop. Is it worth your time to do the digging? Sadly, it's hard to make a good case for it.

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