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Casting Couch X

Casting Couch X

Review date: 27-Oct-2012 14:22. Real girls with zero porn experience interviewed and boned on camera for the very first time in their lives. It’s easy to screw up this massively popular scenario, but Casting Couch X manages to stay hot and classy throughout its big video collection. Don’t miss out on this delicious bit of real, authentic, well-filmed casting porn action. The site is just perfect in every way!

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Casting Couch X

Intro promises:
Being in the back room, there’s always a nice feeling to it. Like you’re at the heart of something, seeing what most don’t. There’s a bit of that feeling to porn as well. Imagine you made friends with like a big time porn producer and he lets you see him or his crew fuck these eager girls who come for an audition. A total thrill, don’t you think? A website can totally recreate this experience, apparently. Casting Couch X is the newest porn casting site that we’ve just discovered and hey, here we are telling you all about it. You can always get the freshest porn ever around here, we guarantee you that. Anyway, Casting Couch X is here and boy is it looking neat. Let’s start with the tour, and it's also quite a cool tour, really. Nice design, flashy just to the right extent, video trailers, lots of samples, some clever copy, there you have it. Also, a nice set of site facts, most importantly, the video details – you have the whole package here. Casting Couch X apparently aims to keep things as real as possible. You see the real back room of a real porn company, with equipment, props and stuff. The videos feature interviews and all the bells and whistles you need to always feel the real vibe of the whole thing. But we’ll tell you all about the content in a second, just keep reading!

Well, we had a feeling it’s going to be this way. A nice tour, very interesting trailers, and in the end you get a package of really watchable content. Casting Couch X is definitely in the top 5 casting porn sites list for us. For starters, everything looks really great here. It’s amateur all right, but it doesn’t have to look crappy, right? The quality goes all the way up to 1080p HD. There are a few formats and other quality modes available, but really, this has to be the best and crispest looking casting porn ever. Streaming as well as downloading the flicks for your computer or maybe a mobile phone always goes smoothly. There are pictures also, and they have a different feel to them, they have a bit of that staged feeling to them while the videos are completely spontaneous. The whole thing goes like this, the girl or sometimes the girls is asked to come into the office, then a few questions, then she’s told what to do, like bend over and stuff, and then the guy with the cam bones her. His face is blurred at all times so this adds to the real feeling here. The girls are really pretty, too, but definitely not plastic porn models. Quite on the contrary, they’re these next door kind of beauties you would enjoy meeting on a daily basis. They act clumsily sometimes, but oh boy do they have these super hot bodies. With dozens and dozens of very fresh casting porn videos in superior quality, Casting Couch X is a definite win.

Casting Couch X feels like the coolest back room porn casting site that we know. It has terrific quality videos with a strong reality vibe, filmed with a tiny little camera in the hand of a guy with a blurred face who interviews and then bones these porn wannabees in the backroom. The combination of great visual quality, nice set of site features and beautifully recreated porn casting atmosphere really makes this one a winner. Stop choosing sites which only pretend to feature casting stuff. Go for the real thing, it’s dirty, but it’s also incredibly hot – and a very satisfying porn consumer experience. Go check it out!

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