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Casual Sex Group

Casual Sex Group

Review date: 13-Jan-2018 05:06. The site name itself pretty much explains the whole deal. On Casual Sex Group people meet to have sex with no strings attached. You can choose to just fool around with others via webcams from the safety of your home, or you can take a step further and meet someone in real life and have a night or two of hot sex.

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Casual Sex Group

Intro promises:
Casual Sex Group has managed to collect over one hundred thousand horny members in one place, so things can get really hot in there. If you want to check it out, you can easily join by signing up for a free profile. Within a few minutes, you can set up your free profile and start searching for hotties. It's completely free, and all you need to do is fill out your basic profile info and activate the account. Once you've done it, you can start exploring Casual Sex Group and it's features. The really good ones are reserved for paying members, but you can still access to hotties, so make sure you do that first. Do a quick search and find out who lives in your area, so you can decide whether this site is worthy of your time and money. Casual Sex Group has several search options you can use to find your sex matches. To find out about the hotties in your area, simply use the quick search where you can list people of the desired sex and age that live up to 50 miles from you. This is the fastest way to find someone to hook up with in real life, but be aware that there are thousands of profiles. To find the best match, switch to advanced search options that will help you filter your search and pick only people with traits you like, and leave out all the possible deal breakers.

Casual Sex Group has really put an effort in this section, so all of you with webcams will definitely love it. You can watch live member videos, so you can take a look inside the bedrooms of the naughtiest members and see what they're up to, or you can strike up a private conversation with someone. But the best is yet to come! There is even a multi cam uncensored channel, that lets you talk with multiple profiles at the same time! If you want to try out something new and exciting, make sure you check multi cam chat, it really is something special. It's all fun and games on Casual Sex Group, especially in this section. You can have fun by playing various games with sexual content, such as taking quizzes on sex trivia or playing naughty flash games. These things are pretty addictive and will surely keep you occupied for a long time. For more adventurous people, there's even a role playing platform where you can have all the kinky virtual sex you want with other members. Another fun feature on Casual Sex Group is the daily sex position suggestion. You get a new one every day, with a description of the position and the appropriate picture. Not only you can learn something new and apply it in your bedroom, but this is a great way of spicing up your sex life when you run out of ideas. When upgrading your account, you can get either the 1,3 or 12 month subscription. The one month deal doesn't really pay off because you don't get any discount, and it's too short to get some action done for most people. If you pick the 3 month deal, it should give you enough time to hook up with someone, plus you'll get this package for only 2/3 of its original value. Save money and pick the 3 month plan. Unfortunately, Casual Sex Group is focusing mostly on the U.S. market, so if you're from another country you'll probably not gonna get very lucky. Try searching before you write Casual Sex Group off, because some countries have a reasonably high number of members, while others don't have any. If you're from the U.S. though, you won't have any problems finding hot matches.

Casual Sex Group really stands out in the crowd with its original features such as multi cam chat, and lots of bonus things and xxx movies. I recommend you try it, it's really worth the money. Just make sure you get the 3 month plan and save 33% of your money.

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