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Cathy And Friends

Cathy And Friends

Review date: 1-Nov-2017 07:42. Going to Cathy And Friends is sort of like going to the flea market. There's a lot of miscellaneous stuff kind of randomly thrown together, and you won't know whether what you picked out is a diamond or a pebble till you get it home and open it up. There are videos and pictures and slide shows and even some zip archives, but nothing is consistent.

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Cathy And Friends

Intro promises:
Some of the videos are big (640x480, 200MB, 20min or so) and exciting (foursomes, anal, creampies), while others are tiny (320x240, 9MB, 1min) and boring (a chick changing clothes or going to sleep). Some are WMV, some are MPG. There are even some AVIs thrown in there. And not every link that has pictures has video, and vice versa. Some photo galleries have downloadable zip archives; others don't. There are links to Featured Friends, Web Friends, and Amateur Friends, but they all seemed pretty much the same to me. The menus and navigation are solid; it's just everything attached to them that needs better organization and consistency of content. Despite a fairly clean layout, overall it lacks pizzazz. There's no glossy feel to it or anything to get you fired up about being here.

Those image sets that do have zip archives often (but not always) have them available in two different resolutions, which is nice. One whole set of images greeted me with 404 File Not Found errors, however, which didn't make me happy. All videos come in only their default size, though, but you won't really know which is which until you download and start watching it. The galleries without zip archives generally keep it to two or three pages, though again, the resolutions from one gallery to the next can vary by hundreds of pixels per side on an image. The girls look pretty good, which is nice. They probably won't floor you, as they all have a little amateur feel to them, but cute and horny is all we really need here, and they deliver that in spades. It's hard to comment on originality here since everything has watermarks of every site BUT this one on it. My-Sex-Life, ChristinaNoir, and Sammy4U showed up a lot, and they may all be distant network affiliates, though they aren't mentioned among the eight advertised bonus sites. The actual content is hit and miss, some of it being pretty fun to watch (one guy taking turns doggy style on three different chicks, or Sammy having a guy substitute sperm for the missing mayo on her ham sandwich), don't get me wrong. However, it's not clear whether all this content can be found elsewhere on the Web or is really original, and how often you can expect updates.

The asking price is pretty average for the state of the industry, making it not too painful to jump in for a month or so, grab what's there and check it out, and get back out if things don't pan out for you. If they get their act together and set a few standards for the content types and arrangement, the site could be on its way. It's just hard to say when that will happen.

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