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Celebs Exposed

Celebs Exposed

Review date: 8-Nov-2017 06:34. There are tons of great pics of your favorite stars getting naked and naughty on camera. You will have to drop $29.99 to get a membership, but, in my opinion it is well worth it, and worth a try.

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Celebs Exposed

Intro promises:
The tour shows some of the hottest women in the world naked: Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, Pam Anderson and many more. The tour promises that we will see pics and movies of these babes naked and getting naughty. There is no trial membership offered so I hope the site lives up to its hype.

The member’s area of this site is very well organized. There is a top 10 most searched for babes list, a most recent updates section as well as a babe of the day. Along the left hand column is a menu to take you to all of the sites functions. Once you pick a babe you want to see you click her name and go into her section of the site. I went with Jessica Alba because after I dump Anna Kournikova I’m going to marry her…but she may not know this yet so keep it a secret. Her section of the site has all of the pics and movies of her as well as some info about her and her movies. The clips and pics are separated by what movie they are from and if she is naked in them or if she is just wearing very little and looking hot. The movies on the site are amazing looking. They are DVD quality and even when I expand them to full screen size they look great. Jessica is bumping and grinding and looking un-fucking-believable on my screen. Each movie is also presented in both WMV format and QuickTime format and they are able to be downloaded. Like the movies the pics look really good. Most of them are screen caps from movies, but whoever did them knew what they are doing because they look very good. There is no real set number of pics or movies per babe; it all really depends on how many movies she has been in and how much she has been naked. Girls like Angelina Jolie have a lot of stuff while babes like Scarlett Johansson don’t because she hasn’t done that many sexy rolls. One thing I would have liked to see is having all a babe’s pics in a gallery with thumb previews. As it is now you have to scroll through all the full size pics. It’s no biggie if there are only a couple of pics, but if there are 30 it can get annoying.

It’s hard to say how often the site is updated, but I can tell it is pretty often, if not daily. The bonus content on this site is plentiful. There are lists that tell you what new movies are coming out that have good nudity in them as well as a gossip blog and some actual regular porn pics.

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