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Celebs Xposed

Celebs Xposed

Review date: 18-Jun-2017 06:05. We’re all obsessed with celebrities, and nothing excites the public more than catching the stars showing a little skin. Whether it’s Paris Hilton’s risqué cell phone photos or Naomi Campbell caught bathing topless by the paparazzi, we love a little peek at celebrity private parts. Female Celebrities gives you an uncensored peek at the stars of stage and screen.

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Celebs Xposed

Intro promises:
You’ll get to see hot bodies bared by the likes of Brooke Burke, Jennifer Lopez, and Demi Moore. Considering the reputation of Mr. Skin and our prior review of that site, hopes are high for Celebs Xposed. Unfortunately your $24.95 monthly membership fee doesn't give you access to all sites listed under this company. Celebs Xposed is a huge collection of some of your favorite actresses shown in sexy scenes taken from Hollywood movies. You can select stars by browsing their names alphabetically or search for a specific lady. These are handy features but I think they could be improved upon. First off, the model index simply has the girls' names with no preview headshot. Roll over image thumbs would be a nice and simple way to add to this directory to help users navigate the site. If I'm not mistaken Mr. Skin's site offers something like this in its directory so I am somewhat surprised that it's not the same here. There are no dates attached to the updates (another minus) but at least it's easy to find the newest sets.

There are 2040 hot film thespians exposed so far. Each one has a few short clips, pictures or screen captures showing them fully undressed or partially nude. In view of the fact that we're essentially talking about glorified vidcaps, these aren't the sharpest pictures I've ever seen. Several are quite large (1078x916) and clear. Still, for the most part we're getting tv scan lines and occasionally blurred motion shots. If you decide to hit a video, they give a brief description and an animated gif preview which is a feature I remember from the main site. Video can be downloaded in QuickTime (400x300) and Real Player (approx.320x200, 350kbps). Some of these are very sharp and good looking. I was really pleased with the videos Any one who is common with Mr. Skin will notice that a lot of the content here is copied over from there, bio's and all. Principally it's most of the same content and most of the same girls, with probably enough insignificant differences in which models or content they list. It’s a shame they don't have a Network offering all sites for one price. However, judged independently this is a strong site. You also get access to a bonus porn gallery of good quality photos changed daily, as well as the latest Hollywood news and gossip. Overall, it’s not bad, but the monthly membership fee is high.

I like Mr. Skin a lot, and this site has a lot of the same qualities. If you're really on a hunt for exposed celebrities then this is probably the only site catering to specifically that, but if you're looking for a more general data base of celebrities then I would stick with Mr. Skin.

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