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Review date: 17-Nov-2016 12:44. Think being stripped naked and handled by a crowd of hot, horny, clothed European babes would be a great experience? Oh hell yeah! CFNM 18 here is ready to show what happens when foxy girls get out of control and do all kinds of naughty stuff to a guy who ends up undressed, played with, and milked dry. The whole CFNM thing has never been hotter than with these super naughty Eurobabes!

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Intro promises:
CFNM stands for clothed female naked male and even though it will probably fair to say that it’s on the kinkier, more specific side of the adult entertainment spectrum, the whole idea will really appeal to many men. Think about it, being naked amidst hot girls in the mood for some action, and who cares if they’re clothed? They’re still in for some fun anyway, this fun will happen by their rules though – but you can’t go wrong with rules made by a bunch of hot girls going crazy in a party mood! This is the lighter side of the CFNM fetish which is really a huge thing with some kinkster communities. CFNM 18, a brand new site we’re reviewing for you today, focuses exactly on that, the brighter side of CFNM fetish which doesn’t have such strong humiliation factor, but features tons of steamy action instead. You can experience the site’s angle on the CFNM themed erotica right in the tour area. Bright, featuring high resolution images and quite well-designed with a modern look, the tour establishes the mood for the whole site here. Looks catchy, huh? The control element is still present here, of course, because it’s the girls who make decisions; still, happy endings and some pretty damn hot stroking and sucking and even sex are never too far away from the guy. Well, let’s see it all up close!

We actually like when a site turns out to be exactly what we thought it would be. This is so true about CFNM 18. The site is really the kind of fountain of mildly kinky but always hot and enjoyable CFNM pleasures we thought it would be. The site is brand spanking new and most people don't know about it yet. However, this does not mean it’s tiny. There is a healthy starting package of episodes and they promise as many as 3 updates a week, too. With this kind of content, it is worth some respect. What we mean is that these videos are quite long, almost an hour long each, and they come in stellar 720p quality. You can get hold of them as WMV, MPEG or mobile-friendly files. The pictures are not worse at all; in fact, they’re high resolution images able to let you savor a particular angle much better than the flicks. The episodes at CFNM 18 are really something. They do combine hot fun and kinky stuff in a marvelous way. Each new episode features a different situation which includes a guy getting under control of a crowd of hot girls looking to get off. It can be a gym and a coach, or a birthday party, or a bachelorette night, or just about any other situation. The girls give the guys a bit of a rough time, but they are also generous enough to suck them off and fuck them once in a while!

CFNM 18 is all hot play and a healthy portion of spicy kink all mixed together. The site is a lighter angle on the whole CFNM fetish thing when guys get off on being naked among hot girls who rough them up a bit. At CFNM 18, things never get too dark. On the other hand, everybody is enjoying what’s going on, and though the girls do get bitchy sometimes, they play with the guys’ tools just enough to keep them happy. The site offers totally exclusive videos in flawless 720p quality, and it’s all so unique and hi-grade here you really need to see it with your own eyes.

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